Feeling lost

I started playing dungeon quest for about a month now. I am nearly reaching the max level which is lvl 99. I have only one char. rogue (bow/dagger/bomb) and finished all the floors and have a map for floor 205. I also have legends and eternal(dagger with ninja set and a flintlock). Now the problem is i dont know what to do… maybe because its my first time playing this kind of game(rpg). Can someone enlighten my mind on what to do next. I visited some guides but it seems that its impossible for me to get that equips and crystals. I used my stats proportionately(3:2:1…power, health, mana) simply because i dont have the gist of what to be doing later on the game. I really need help. It seems that i simply wasting my crystals and gold for nothing. i need a detailed guide of what i should be doing and what items i should be collecting, what sets should i be aiming for. sorry for a bit being demanding but i want to at least have a progress in this game which im not quite familiar.

I dont know if their is a definitive anwser to your question. RPG. Games like this are designed for unique indivudual character development. It would seem in this game we shoot for deeper levels and ascentions. As for your question on gear or sets its all personal preferences and you should find sonething that works for your style of play.

I’d choose a reasonable goal to start off with. Perhaps getting your first ascension is a great place to start! Long term goals like reaching floor 2000 or reaching Eternal League can be pretty motivating as well.

Here’s a pretty great intro/tips guide by @Skaul Skaul’s Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]

If getting to Eternal League sounds interesting, here’s a great youtube series by @Griffin012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4neNvpYSL0


@slimycucumber when i was a newbie and only got 1 char slot. I farm eternalized gun and crystaline hat … craft hunter ring (if u dont have hunter perk) then spend all urtime in floor 200 opening wels and shrines kill epic/legend/mythic enemies and youll get chance getting eternal item then just convert them to turn into ultra rare crystals. Ijust repeat this allday for a week and i earned tons of crystal to make diff builds