Feeling stuck

Is what I have and what I’m working with I can run 200 m3 quite easy not as fast as I like but don’t struggle. I feel I’ve hit a wall. Suggestions are welcome what to change or to get. I’ve Ben playing with mystic skills and learning Tham but the stones are harder to get for me so don’t want to waste them.

theres a lot of work to do with your gears. you will have very slow progression if you stick with that plan. Best advise i can give you is build a farming set.

Like what should i add. A “farming set” is what should I look for and add

There’s a lot missing and if you put all those affix it will cost you a lot of resources and you might not be happy with the result. Look for items with good default affixes (good set affix,good legend affix). Those will be the items you will need to climb.

and look for a nadroji ring and amulet so you can have +2 sets or buy an ultra rare mythstone from vendor to get a chance to have elixir

OK I’ll try to build and find a farming set I don’t have and of the 2 really rare crystals to test my luck and get a good afix. What does the crystal do that says adds a random afix set?

The Amethyst applies a Set Affix (the green affix) to the item. An item can only have one Set Affix.
You can find what Set Affixes cannot be obtained through Amethyst here:

The affixes you will want most for farming are:
Gold Find, Item Drop, Luck, Pickup Radius, Fortune, Crystalline, Eternalized, Mythical, Nadroji, and All Sets +2. Some other affixes that work well with farming affixes can be added add well: Faun’s Gifts, Satyr’s Spirit, etc.

Oh, and a Hunter Ring. :smiley:

OK thanks been reading around trying to find stuff.
Thanks for all your guys help

I’m getting the same set of gear that don’t help.

I feels stuck cuz I can’t get farming hear started at all or at leat I feel

everyone feel that way when they just start play the games. u just need more time farming to get resources for craft proper farming build.

So the same level over and over or start at like 150 and go to 200 and repet? Or keep doing maps

depend on what u like, using map will bring u to random element map, lucky if u get +%packsize if u use laminar on map. u can be unlucky if u got tnt or skyfall. it also can help doing feat like when u got map with magic rare or epic monster %. while just play on normal floor u are free from bad situation like tnt and skyfall,

Could also start building a new character as a farmer , and use this one as a damage hireling.

I have a level 50 Rouge. I been working on.
I’ve thought about making It a farmer but not sure how to start

I just told you what to do. Just farm, farm, farm to get better at farming and improved chances while farming. Kinda paradoxical, in a way.

You can’t just beg for items, as the wise and ancient @cronos4321 once told me. :wink:

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I can most certainly agree with that. Before I was feeling stuck and I didn’t feel like making farming build bevause I was feeling stuck at getting the crystals needed. Now that I have got a farming build, it is getting easier but still a little bit harder since I can’t be bothered making a proper build until i feel like I got enough of what I need.


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Im allways stuck too hehhe