Few questions

Hello, joined just recently (2-3 days ago).

I use imp, have threshold set at legendary but imp rarely drops anything. My inventory has pretty much only extra gear when enemy gets tough, maps and stones (socketable and stat changing). How do I get imp to drop gear more often?

Can I have trinket and pet equipped at the same time? Where do I get trinket if its possible?

Your thoughts on permafrost set? (I use wizard) Have 2 items, where are the other ones most commonly found?

Is it possible to get second character for free or it has to be bought?

Should I race to floor 100+ on easy or play on mythic 3?

Which is max level of skill (barrage, meteor, summon, etc)?

If using summoning build, how to be able to summon more creatures (of same element) if possible?

Thank you in advance

  1. Yeah imp works but setting threshold to legendary isn’t the best idea as you only get legendary items which is either okay or not. Imp does take a while to convert items when so many are around and it takes even longer to get legendary and epic items from it. Imp is still very cool though but maybe if you wanted more items to sell or use, set threshold lower such as rare or epic. At least imps are guaranteed to turn magic items into rare items but on rare and higher items , it depends.

  2. The second pet slot trinket means Trophy so you can have 1 pet and 1 trophy equipped at the same time. However you can’t have 2 pets equipped at once (would be OP as well) like I once thought.

  3. Permafrost can also be found on Amethyst crystal as well as certain legends but since you just started, I think it would be easier to find the legend. That being said , its always great to create a farm build. Its a decent set for increasing a lot of ice DMG for you.

  4. Nope. You do have to pay a small loan of a 0.99$ to get another character slot but its not that expensive and it’s most definitely worth it in saving a lot of time and learning more about the game. Well at least officially.

  5. You could play on Mythic 3 but I would suggest rushing to floor 100 as drops get really good that way when you get to higher floors, and more higher tier crystal drops. Heck even floor 200 and higher. You do need to level up to 100 as fast as possible also. Although easy if its too easy, you could step up difficulty to normal or epic and rush all the way to floor 100+ while earning a lot more exp , gold and legends at the same time. Having a hirling will make the process even easier because the second character grants a 100% item drops bonus. Another way , having fortune 20 on your character makes items drop 50% more from enemies (50% item drops , 50% luck and 50% gold find). Do be free to add luck, gold find and item drops on your legends / rare and higher items as well to improve.

  6. Max level of skill. Well do you mean hero points? Normally the max is 20 hero points per skill and you have up to 99 hero point levels to add 99 hero points. Although you can get true max cap of 40 to a skill like meteor for example. How? Having 20 points invested in Meteor , and 2 of the +10 meteor epic affixes.

  7. You will be able to summon all creatures of same element if you remove prismatic or ascendant but I think prismatic is beneficial + up to 100% weaken and higher to deal much more damage on enemies. Though if you already have 90% weaken crystal affix , you can proceed to remove prismatic/ascendant if you want to. Or if you have 4 30% weaken epic affixes. If prismatic removed and you set the element to ice, all summons will only appear as ice on your tome which is an offhand. To summon more , you can have spirit master set affix and summoner set affix for more minions.


@CuzegSpiked thank you for answering.

  1. Trophy is earned through PvP?

  2. Is Amethyst crystal much higher form or Quartz/Angelite… Or higher form of Hero/Boon/Mentor…?

  3. Can any hero skill have 40 as max or rare ones like with meteor?

I’ve seen peculiar stat on one item, “+1 all set bonuses”, is that good stat? How is it gained?

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  1. yes

  2. amythests are second to last rarest crystal. so very high tier.

  3. +to sets can be obtained through nadroji ring or amulet legend items, or the elixir mythstone.


Skills: Hero points can get your skill up to 20. affixes and/or Myth stones can put another 20, for a total of 40 for the skills. 40 is the highest that a skill can get. the individual Epic Affixes, like Meteor for example, can give a +10. you can get 2 of those for +20 for 1 skill, like Meteor for example. Legend Affixes can get you +2 skill, and you can get up to +12 with them. there is a Myth Stone that gives +5 skill, and you can get that to +10. if you used only affixes to get skill points, you could do so and get 40 points on a skill, but that would take up some space. you would only do that if you were focusing on 1 skill, so you could focus the Hero points in another skill. but Hero points can only put +20 on any skill.
as far as the Imp goes, it picks up items and converts them to a better item. the way it works is, if it picks up 5 Normal items, it will convert them into 1 Magic item, with a small chance of being a higher tier item. if you have it set on Legend+, that means you will only get Legend items, with a small chance for them to be Crystal Legend or Eternal Legend items. what the Imp is doing, is for every 5 of 1 tier item, it gets converted to 1 item of the next tier, with a small chance to be an even higher tier. the higher your luck, the better tier the items will be, so get the Legend items faster. a higher item drop rate increases the number of items the Imp can convert. the more monsters there are on a map, the better the chances of more items being dropped, the higher the tier of the monster, the better chances of more and higher tier items being dropped. the down side is, if the Imp is converting all your items into Legend items, you will have no items to sell for gold except Legend items. of course, the Imp, while it converts items, sometimes makes some gold and orbs, but not enough. so, if you want a lot of Legend items, have the Imp convert everything. but if you only want it to pick up Normal, and Magic items, so you get the Rare+ items to sell…all up to you and what your goals are.


1 legend = 5 epics = 25 magic = 125 normal items

@Golem So if I want to get one legendary item, at worst, imp should eat 125 normal? (Or 625 in case there is one more quality somewhere in between) Did I get that right?

I made clearcast mythstone, it has 25% chance of casting spell for free. Would that mean, by having 4 of them socketed, I would constantly cast spells for free?

What are chimera sets?

Edit: When is character ready for rebirth and what are the perks of rebirth?

With imp you get another item for every five consumed regardless of level. Legends are produced a lot and it doesn’t require the five consumed to be epic.

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1 Legend = 5 Epic = 25 Rare = 125 Magic = 625 Normal items. if you were VERY UNLUCKY, and only picked up Normal items, it would take some time to get the Legend item. when I was using an Imp with Legend+ pickup, at first, it took some time before Legends started dropping regularly. eventually the Imp has a lot of all of the Tiered items, so the Legend items start to drop more often. if your goal is to get a lot of Legend items, then this is one of the good ways to do it. on the down side, since the Imp is turning all items into Legends, you will have not items to sell for gold. this method is good for the short term, but when you need gold, you need to change your pick up to Normal+ - Epic+, depending on how much gold you need.

Clearcast: has a cap of 60%. if you have the Epiphany set, the cap is raised 5% for each level of Epiphany you have on your equipment. Epiphany(1) is 5% (63% cap), Epiphany(8) is 40% (84% cap). stats button > all stats page. caps are listed as [?] for the different effects listed that have caps. it is the 4th button down on the All Stats page.

Chimera set is a build idea that @dickwad has been sharing with the DQ Forum community. the idea is that most of your equipment stays the same, but 1 or 2 items change depending on the situation. most of his ideas are for PVP battles in the Arena, to deal with all the different combat styles every one has. for PVE/Campaign, it is useful for switching items that deal with weaker monster to ones that can defeat stronger monsters, or a farming build that instead of farming for everything, it focuses on farming for 1 or 2 things, and can still survive the monsters that have the loot you are looking for, and when you want to farm for something else, change the 1 or 2 items for something else. in my case, my idea is to switch out my head item between farming for crystals and myth stones. this way, I have an extra space for a set affix that helps me to do more damage to monsters while I loot them.

Rebirth/Ascending/Perks: when your character reaches level 99, you can either continue playing, or choose a Perk. there are some people who play without using Perks, but many players get the Perks because they improve our ability to farm for all the things we need to make Awesome Equipment! it cost 5 million gold x the number of Perks you are getting. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. also, each Perk after the first requires a lot more experience. the second Perks is 2x the experience of the first, and the third Perk is 3x the experience of the first.

Dealer: items in bag are sold at 1,000%.
Fortunate: 200% boost to gold picked up and luck.
Accomplished: requirements for completing Feats reduced by 25%. get Hero points faster, and rewards from finishing Feats faster + 5 yard pick up radius.
these 3 are probably the best for the first 3 Perks. up to you which order to get them in.

Enshrined: 1 extra shrine, and the shrines are +300% bonus. if you have 2 of the same shrine, the bonus doesn’t stack.
Hunter: +1-3 extra Epic Guardians at each shrine. good for people who are Ascending for Perks.
Treasured: +300% boost to finding Crystal/Eternal Legends.
these 3 are better for later choices.

@Marar I hope this helps.


My farming wizard looks like this

at the moment, in PVP, players with strong minions are just as hard as players with a strong camp build for me. more work for me! btw, is this a Chimera build, or just a ‘normal’ farming build?

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My chimera wizard relies on weapon switches as a way of overcoming problems. He’s mainly pve but a great hireling

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@golem its a pure apocalypse with skull shield farmer tha :slight_smile:t’s good in duels too

Every time I get a monster boost I go to floor one and open a challenge map . you get two cartographer per map while boosted . Two maps. One enslaver . one chest

Here are few more:

Is it possible to create socket? If yes, how?

Can any gear have legendary affixes only, is it possible to create such equipment? Affixes are those extra stats coming on items, right?

How to get legendary or higher quality pet?

What is the difference between fabled eternal and eternal equipment?

How do natures work?

The continuity, wizardry, necrotic, reclaim, etc, stat between armour and element, can it be changed?

Zircon Crystal.

You can add legendary affixes by Ruby crystal and epic affixes with Topaz crystal. Legends also come with legend affixes. The green affixes are set affixes and they can come from Amethyst or on legends.

Farm farm farm lol. In all seriousness , get as many enslavers hunted as fast as possible, have high luck and keep farming. Use Monster Boost to speed it up also. If eternal pet, get Eternalized if you want to. Also complete feats.

Fabled Eternal can get Mythic , other eternal can’t. Mythic also means you can add epic affixes on it. Not legend affixes or custom set affix however. Changing classes , talents, natures and elements possible on all eternals.

They work like any affix but they are on gear without taking slots. They can be changed by Beryl crystal and come naturally with legends saying Of Greed , Of Luck, Of haste , Of Wisdom, etc. Each one has different abilities. Protection give 15% AR, luck give 25 luck, greed give 25% gold find , wisdom give 2.5% resource cost, etc.

Yes. Talent can be changed by Citrine crystal like reclaim for eg . Affixes can be removed by kyanite crystal, added by any crystal from Angelite , Topaz, Ruby, Amethyst and Obsidian. The stat on the armour is what is called Affixes. Legend affixes are red , epic are orange. Crystal are cyan , green is set affix. Yellow is normal affixes but you don’t need normal affix. Bonus affixes are grey . negative affixes are pink. Of course element can be changed by calcite and item wuakiy can be increased by Emerald up to 25%.

Level up item to 100% possible with Peridot crystal.