Few suggestions in Campaign

#1-fix the zombie mobs
Its hard if there are zombie mobs coz
Ur hireling will only focus on them
#2-make the pick up speed of the IMP more faster
Coz it really tiring while waiting the IMP pick up all those items and the other the imp goes every where…dunno if u encountered this but the IMP goes to the other side of the map :joy::joy:
#3-put convert all botton
Ahahaahah i know some of the players here are lazy like me whose getting tire pressing each legend drop to conver a stone… So it will be good for us​:joy::joy:

I think thats all that i can suggest
Hahahaha thanks DQ and happy New Year fellow Players :slight_smile:

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yes too all hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

convert all button meaning convert every item in your inventory?

Maybe? It could be ok but double edged sword. How about convert all legends in one bag? Still, I prefer not to convert all legends because of potential bugs. It would be cool to unlock all legends at once though and sell it for x amount of gold in one bag.

@anon83127038 , to reduce zombie mobs or fix them entirely, if you can, you can try to get a better mobile device with better FPS and in general and if you can, don’t use taunt (unless your build is taunt based) or unless you already own a high FPS mobile device. (60fps ftw).
Also, zombies are usually by lag spikes , High Fx if your device can’t handle it, TAUNT, exploding too much at once with Explosive affix. Sometimes poison can cause zombie too and maybe Frozen set affix . I still get zombies though despite having a very good phone but those zombies are way less than I used to experience.
Lastly, the zombies can spawn more often if you have too high of packsize that your device cannot handle as well.

Hmm in the Bag only…Like ID and Sell all

1 and 2 are good suggestions. 3? NO.

Same I’d rather have unlock all legends to sell them button than convert all legends.

Yes. Putting them on a situtaion where you have them all converted accidentally and you forgot to transfer some good loot that you found recently. Oh, doesn’t sound good right? so, it’s impossible to implement such feature in campaigns.

True. Another thing is that the game engine might not be able to support the option anyways whether this feature is good or bad.