Finally can create forum account and reach eternal league!

Huge salute for developer for resolving forum account creating issues ! I finally can create forum account. I’ve also reached eternal league 1vs1.
By the way, If I have unlocked the Seasonal Vanity (Defender Aegis, Elementalist, and Crossbow) and got banished to Mythical League again, is my vanity gonna dissapear ? Or it will remain even I am not in the eternal league anymore ?

@JuanTheWarrior Welcome to DQ Forums!

Congratulations on moving up in Battle Arena!

you get to keep the Seasonal Vanities after you get them no matter how many times you go up or down in the Leagues.

Ahh, thanks for your information, I really appreciate that.

for every 5 Battle Arena levels you get an Elemental Aura, one for each of the 5 Elements and an Angelic & Demonic Aura. I just got to level 33 and am working very seriously to get to level 35 for the last one… Demonic!

Wow I’m still far away (22) hope you get it soon! Actually I have played this game for so long (inconsistently) but I just can’t create forum account till now.


glad you made it in! I actually got kind of lazy the last few years and just realized recently that I need to start fighting a lot in PVP if I want to get the last Demonic Aura. and I really want it!


Go for it bro ! Hope you will get it soon