Finally got one lol

Floor 258 m3 after grinding for so long I finally got the drop lol.

congratz @VicBot, it’s the best bow IMHO :smile:


Thanks @tututututu and @Swens925 to bad I can’t echant it yet, I still need a lot of high tier ms/cs still

Sorry newbie here, how can you enchant?

@jarz check this out.

nice catch.! that hard to get item. once u got ur resoure to craft it. make big plan before u do anything coz if u mess with it, u doomed lol

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Yea… Lol I still got a long way before I can start crafting. I just wish that I can get the ultra rare ms faster.

getting ultra is hard lol. but my tips is dont ever convert your MS from Endow to the higher unless they have more than what u set to keep… For the lower just set the amount u think is safe for u. Example me, I keep 600, and if it get more I will convert convert and convert until at the one that have lower than the number I set.

See that, from hero until clarity I’ve 600, if my endow have 600, them I will convert the left amount to the higher.

As much as I want my ms, my gold is focusing on crystal atm.

dont always convert lagend lol. before this i always do that. then from 80M gold slowly down. till it drop below 15M. see that i use crystalline just to find some rare lagend. and only convert if i found unnecessary crystal lagend.

I found a way to keep some gold while converting.
I start with 5m, then I’ll just farm till I get 20 legends(full inventory) by then let’s say I earn 8m. The 8m I earn with my starting 5m =13m - 4.9m(cost of converting 20 legends) =8.1m.
So I get around 3.1m give or take every time plus 20(rare+) crystals.
Not converting eternals or crystals.

yes that’s true, that’s why I prefer Crystalline affix over Mythical :grinning:
You only need 1 type of MS per mythic affix, while you’ll need hundreds of CS to craft something good