Finally! made it to the TOP


@Mr_Scooty thats why my skill cost becomes high. :scream:


A sprinkle of Barbarian mixed with two parts PTL can make Energy and Fury difficult to use for your resource mythic.


@Mr_Scooty only 1 PTL and 1 Barbarian on my Build. i need that legend regeneration. without it. im gonna lose. :scream:


Yes, if you add one more PTL your game play will drop dramatically. :+1:


Lets talk about burst!:sunglasses: first is i really miss my erza scarlet battling on the league. Hope its a lot of help… for my opinion i dont need regenerations(or any defensive affix) to build strong and deadly build. You just need to focus a lot of dmg. Dmg to make sure you can easely kill a ai in round 1. Try this. 3ptl 1barb. Ptl on chest, ring, amulet. And once you got the right dmg u need to set your ai properly. Your a bomb type right? I guess your ai will be better if you use a scalp if your not online on pvp. Then change it to skulldraga if you are compatible on using it. And try to add an legend affix execute dmg(if you not using an demonic set). Hope it will help…:sweat_smile:


Im done with the burst rouge. I remember when im rouge ive reach 480k crit on my storm with the stats of 40k hp 1.3k power. I cant bring some screenshots coz i change my device. All of my memories of erza is on my old device but you can see it on this thread. :smiley:
-skl share ko lang😅


as @Golem’s said. so if you don’t do the build right with Vampiric Touch. you’re gonna lose. but if you do the build right with Vampiric Touch. expect more blood. :+1:


@kiane_zaine my lucky guage 3rd top👊 finally made it from the top💪


@DARKBOOKS good job.:+1:


Well done @DARKBOOKS. I’m slowly crawling to division 4