Finally! made it to the TOP


i was inspired by this thread. Justice for Rogue! whatever happened to equality? so who said that Rogue is Weak? :smile:

special thanks to @Mr_Scooty (hardest AI of all), @FairyTail, eiya, wangbuh, you guys forced to to experiment such a build that will beat y’all :smile:

back to farming again. :smile:


Having a low hp in the arena is the main problem of rogue’s


@Kirby1 agree. i have only 26.7k HP on arena. :joy:


I think i got 80k
Well i think I’m the only player who doesn’t use a trophy in the eternal arena :smile:
Rare trophy’s are really hard to find :frowning:


@kiane_zaine your pet is awesome but sad to say it’s a slime :frowning: still a good find though


@Kirby1 you can convert Legend Chest to Eternal Chest and getting chance to have Eternal Trophy. :smile:


@Kirby1 yup. looks like edited but its not. :smile: got it from enslaver feat.


Yah got only 90+ games at arena not enough to find a legend chest :joy::joy:


@Kirby1 pfffft time to get my rewards :joy_cat:


That’s a lot of rewards :joy:


@kiane_zaine im loving the pet. It would look better on my characters though. But my eternal pets will do. I’ve returned to farming mythic floor 600 on the hunt for enslavers. Congratulations on reaching the top.


thank you @dickwad. :slight_smile: yup that pet is suit to my build. :+1:



Phenomenal and congratulations! Video below for your perseverance. Keep pushing!!


Wow that’s amazing. Congratulations and keep up the good work!


I want an awesome eternal plagued pet for the bonus and any usefull hp and total hp bonuses . Dodge and element stuff would be nice to… Dream day believer :scream:


Oh that’s new, I can see people replying. though I have a Like Limit I think so yeah…



I needed to make sure I provided some compare and contrast with what you wrote in your first post of this thread “i was inspired by this thread. Justice for Rogue! whatever happened to equality? so who said that Rogue is Weak?”

When the arena was released to everyone in October 2015, it was amazing. However, numerous issues/bugs were discovered that needed to be addressed. A majority of the issues/bugs that needed to be addressed were related to the Rogue character.

Some Examples:

  1. The Rogue Guidedshot skill could travel the range of the arena and it could redirect (target/change course) numerous times.
  2. Coat weapon critical chance and elemental critical needed nerf.
  3. Fire / Bleed Damage over time (DoT) was out of control and if you were hit with a Guided shot Rogue using Vial with fire element your character was dead immediately.
  4. Stealth enabled Rogue to double their damage when they were “Invincible” from casting Stealth. Therefore, when a Rogue player cast Stealth, Coat, and Guided shot the recipient was finished unless they were another Rogue and cast first.
  5. These types of Rogues were campers and would do the sequence I listed in item #4.
  6. Most rounds were over in a few seconds.

Between October 2015 and June 2016 numerous nerfs and countermeasures were put in place, hence the Thread you posted as your inspiration because the Rogue players took huge nerfs.

  1. Perseverance set affix was finally fixed after two patch attempts. This assisted in a 40% reduction of DoT from Fire/Bleed for each legend affix.
  2. Cerebral Vortex was introduced to counter the campers. It originally cast very powerful Torrents underneath the feet of the opponent, wiping out campers quickly.
  3. Flat Health was increased from 5K to 10K epic affix. This enabled players to live longer than a few seconds.

The evolution from Version 1.X to 2.X to 3.0 all strived to achieve balance and introduce new sets, feats etc. Since the arena was initially released, many efforts have been put in place to achieve balance and fairness. The Rogue is still a worthy adversary and you have demonstrated that effectively. I just wanted to make sure the original thread from two years ago was understood. I was also a Rogue user two years ago but had Wiz and Warrior crafts.

I am still amazed with your Total Matches played and tenacity to give Rogue recognition. @flasher13 has also done an admirable job with different Rogue builds.

My only concern with the current environment stems from matches possibly taking up to 10 or more rounds vs taking a few seconds for each round when arena was released. However, if you nerf the current meta without addressing barrage builds, you will have a new meta similar to what we started back in October 2015.


wow, they let him power up before attacking (in the video) which allowed them to all fail spectacularly. like letting some low or high DMG Character in the Arena Draw until they can 1 Hit you, just to see how strong your defense can last.


@Mr_Scooty yup. those glory days of Rogue are over now. everything was Nerf on Current Patch. remember @griffin Dominates the arena way back?
Storm+Scalp+Coatweapon FTW. and there are so many Rogue players dominates the Arena. @griffin, @flasher13, @Cuzegspiked, and many others. as of now only few. Wiz and Warrior usually. :smile: back to PVE. and plan to make a Warrior Build for PVP. :joy: anyway always fun and intense battling you @Mr_Scooty. Reflect DMG Annoyance. :+1:


for adding HP. try Vampiric Touch. :+1: