For some reason the message that give the holiday vanity skin only show up in my account after i swich the main character. Is there anyone else has the same problem?

What do you mean by “switch your main character”?

i didnt even get a msg at all for vanity skins…

i hope there wasnt sonething special i missed. i just assumed the skins are same as i got at halloween

The message about vanity only show up after i change my main toon from my wizard to my rogue.

Change you main toon so the message can show up

For some reason my broadbands parental controls block me from even accessing DQ internet stuff such as downloads and messages until I added VPN. Then I finally got the messages.

The vanity message went out on Friday. The other boosts went out before then. If you have multiple pages in your message queue, new messages get filtered to the back/last page. Check there.