Finaly,my dream come true!

This is the most crazy thing I have ever did in Dungeon Quest ! And this picture is totaly unbelievable :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The Master! :eyes:

Round 1 page 12! How fantastic to have almost 2B damage in the arena. :rofl:

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This is crazy. Well done!

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This is why Mandelbrot should be nerf. :joy:


So I need to start stacking perseverance or was this just an academic exercise?

Try to get 100% Perseverance :joy: i think that almost 2B Bleed DMG wouldnt be nerf :joy::joy::joy:

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And seriously on wizard class ?

:fearful: Haxor!!

Academic exercise only :grin:
I did not use word “build” or some,just made this damage combination to search the ultimate number on dummy.
The longer match ,the higher perseverance in need.It depend on your play style.

Yeah,that high bleed will never work on top AIs.
But four unique builds in 2v2 will show even higher frozen damage just like pve.

You say that wizard only 100 strom but 2B bleed ?
Rogue made original damage,wizard stacked crit damage,thats one of tricks.

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arena nowadays got lots of Titans :scream:

Tis true. Nearly every wizard you encounter for this play style has stack CRT DMG and flat DMG. Also noticed an even bigger number of manashield players. It’s quite hilarious facing 'em. :joy:

It’s like… Not dying not dying not dying not dying not dying…


Huh? :open_mouth:

In this post, the AI shows his true HP. High DMG dealt means high HP of the receiver. :joy: But one thing I dont understand is why this people dont lose crystals to make experimental builds. Im so jealous. :joy:

Im always out of ammo.

nice dmg

What the hell! XD thats amazing!

This experimental build is my dream,it is much more meaningful than any pvp/pve builds for me.In pvp,you just need play more to be the top.In pve :joy:I think all players get ultimate build now.But this 2B damage record will be ultra hard to break,I also learnt a lot in creating it.
P.S :I usually “write” build on computer like this before creating,good habit to save resources :blush:

Manasheild wizard
PVP stats
HP(use mana as hp) : 545.485K
POWER : 1100 to 1150
Damage reduction : 16.5%
Dodge chance :24%(max)

MH:Any you like
earthquake/cosmicorb/apocalypse mythic
aethereal drain set
75% mp crystal
50% glasscanon
7500 mp
5000 ed

cosmic power set
75% mp
50% glasscanon legend
50% push the limit
7500 mp
5000 ed

ruptured mythic / exposed if you chose cosmicorb MH
scoundrel set
75% mp
5 all arch mage legend/same as 5 all talent mythic stone
7500 mp
5000 ed

battle mage set
75% mp
50% glasscanon
5 all arch mage
7500 mp
5000 ed

spell sword
225 gold find
2 all set
50% push the limit
7500 mp
5000 ed

cerebral votex set
8 dodge crystal(anti flawless trophy)
2 all set
50% push the limit
7500 mp
5000 ed

satyr’s spirit set
7500 mp
5000 ed
25% mp
10barrier epic wizard talent/75gold find
10insight epic wizard talent

Point : All in mana

OH skill : scalp for 100% bleed chance

Nature : Greed*6=150% gold find

Talent :
Body : barrier
Head : insight
Ring: bewilder
Amulet :empower

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

What’s the meaning of this. :joy:

I’m just planning to build a Warrior with 1.6M HP and 70% Reduce DMG and use in Arena. But still I’m always out of ammo even I farm hard still one of my crystals will be out of stack. :sweat_smile: