Fire TV - Purchasing disabled?

I click to purchase save slot #4 … everything is greyed out after that. However, you can hit B the nyou can either click on the “subject to our terms of use” or “see details” link. It looks like in-app purchasing has been disabled on the new Fire TV release.

Ummm that’s bizarre…checking it out now

Ok I was able to purchase 3 slots on fire tv without issue. Have you always played on fire tv or is your save from another device?

I have always played on the Fire TV.

Also try this:

Upload your data to dq account systems so you have a backup up.

  1. close app
  2. navigate to settings on fire tv main menu
  3. navigate to “applications” from the settings menu
  4. choose “manage all installed applications”
  5. locate dungeon quest press “a” on controller
  6. choose “force stop”
  7. choose “clear data”
  8. choose launch app
  9. press restore purchase on main menu of DQ
  10. access dq account system and restore your game data

Amazon can take upwards of 20 minutes to validate purchases.

Please let us know if this fixes your issue.

Ok,. I followed the steps, then I went to purchase (with coins or cash, it doesn’t work either way).

Ok. When you choose purchase on the fourth slot in DQ and get taken to the Amazon screen what happens when you choose to pay with coins or cash or are they both disabled on your screen?

They are both enabled. When I click on either option, everything gets greyed out.

I then have to hit B, then the two links mentioned above are available (but not the two purchasing buttons).

… Do you think it would be worth deleting the game all together, and re-download it to see if that fixes anything?

Yeah give that a try, just make sure you upload your data first.

Ok, I gave that a try, completed uninstalled the app, logged in, downloaded, and restored my purchases. No change at all :frowning: Is there a way to make these purchases outside of the firetv? I have 2 ipads.

Ah ha! found the work around. I downloaded the game on my tablet, logged in, and downloaded from the server. Then, I made the purchase through the appstore for the addons of the three slots. After that, I had to create a temporary table in each slot … Then, I uploaded the game and logged out.

Went back into the fire tv, and re-downloaded the saved files, and everything is peachy :smile: Tablets are a life saver.

Ick…sorry you had so much trouble with the fire tv version. thank you for supporting our game and please let us know if you have any more issues!