First eternal

First eternal from shop :smile:

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Nice!!! I have 4 but only two I can use. :frowning:

Should I equip it?

You could if it fits your build, or if you want to try out a build with it. Otherwise, you can keep it for in the future, or you could convert it when you have enough money to an Ultra Rare Crystal that you could keep to use on end-game gear. :smiley:

there aren’t any end-game build lol. DQ it self have no ends. there is end-fun build. usually player will use 1 build until he get boring with it or the build too strong until it can kill much faster than u hope, no trill no challange.(thats the end of fun lol) u will craft another build for fun and troll on high floor again. there alot build viable and alot still undiscovered yet.