First Ever Crystal Rare Legend WOOOOW!

This is literally the first ever crystal rare legend I got in my entire life. I have got a few eternal rare legends but never a crystal rare legend until now.

I want to set a challenge though: collect every rare legend that can be crystal legend through crystalline and treasured ascension.

Crystal rare legends are: mutiny,insolance, ragnarok, vaccus scipio, nadrojis ring,nadrojis amulet and maybe some malestrom items.

Now see if you can find the super rare eternal crystal legend!


Bruh I converted 10+ of eternal legends with crystal affix (not rare legends though)lmao but I guess a good challenge is to find every eternal item with crystal affixes or even find every eternal rare legend with crystal affixes.

I easily get eternals with crystal affixes but not rare legends with eternal rank and crystal affix.

Ah, I see. I was kinda wondering how you’d never seen a crystal legend before! Makes sense now.

Every eternal rare legend I ever got. Eternal rare legends seem easier than crystalline versions of rare legends. Magic of fortune bringer +eternalized/crystalline +850%luck and +300% item drops.

Challenge: first find ever eternal rare legend without crystal affix then find crystal rare legends then find eternal rare legends with crystal affixes.

If crystal rare legends are hard, how about eternal rare legends with crystal affixes. Damn that gonna be really hard. A good challenge though to aim for in 2.1 patch if anyone gets bored of dq, though making builds will keep a person occupied for years too because of patches being changed all the time.

If anyone wants to be occupied for years, try this challenge. @CentraBPM , I am aiming in your footsteps! :sunglasses:

@cronos4321 , it would be nice for you to try that challenge if you like. I also am aiming in your footsteps in a way :blush:

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This (Talking w my friend)

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no thats not it, eternal rare legends with crystal affix are hardest.

EG: Eternal vaccus scipio with crystal affix, ragnarok eternal with crystal affix,eternal nadrojis amulet with crystal affix, eternal nadrojis ring with crystal affix, some eternal malestrom items with crystal affix as well as eternal mutiny and insolance with crystal affix.

if eternal is hard, crystal legend is hard, try getting eternal with crystal affix on rare legends.

That screenshot you shown is still extremley super rare and its not rare legend from epic enemies such as ragnarok for eg.

Yea i got munity crsytal rare legend. That’s my first loot too (I can’t take a screenshot coz my phone got charged and im using computer right now) I can’t find that eternal with crsytal affix on rare legend ._. very hard :frowning: many players got maso eternal w crystal affix Haha :smiley:

same here bud, though i havent really tried to get many masochist items but they are awesome because free crystal affix crit dmg, crit chance or dodge.

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Is the infernus included? It is eternal and has a silver affix :smile:

i just recently got a eternal betrayal with a crystal affix from the store haha talk about luck!

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Infernos are not included in rare legend category.
Rare legend category items are: frozen fate, malestrom slicer,malestrom dagger,malestrom lance, vacuss scipio staff, vacuus scipio bow, ragnarok chakram, ragnarok hammer, ragnarok wizard sword, mutiny of all 3 classes (bow axe,gauntlet, wand,lance,flintlock, hatchet), insolance in all 3 classes (skull, horn…), nadrojis robe, nadrojis crown, nadrojis crystal (amulet), nadrojis ring, pandemonium and havoc as well as some other I missed.

The challenge here is to get them all in eternal form, some in crystal form (ones with affixes like weaken, hp on hit…) and some in eternal crystal form (eg. Eternal mutiny with weaken).

Bonuses don’t count and so far none of the rare legends I know (says found from powerful enemies in codex) have a bonus yet.

However I do plan on collecting every legend in codex, every eternal legend in codex, every crystal legend in codex and every eternal legends with crystal affixes in codex.

Anyone is welcome to take the challenge, just take pics (screenshots) of eternals and crystal legends, the normal legends (not eternal or crystal aka not green or cyan) are ticked off in codex.
Note: you will need backup like google photos to keep them so you can delete device copies to free up space if need be.
This is a tough rigorous challenge and can only be done quicker if you got a maxed out farming build (with epiphany [5]) for maxed luck and max item drops.
Luck to increase legends chance and item drops to increase more. Also nadroji (5+ or 6 if using nadrojis bonus) will immensely increase legends chance from epic+ enemies. Also if you massacre hunter mobs.

Is it bruh?

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These are crystal legends but not crystal rare legends such as nadroji ring, vacuus scipio, ragnaork,mutiny etc.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/e/e7c17cbf575b261feb467136b4379a1fb005db52.png" width=“690” height=“414”

This is crystal rare legend and my second one. Still got many more to find and maybe eternal versions with crystal affix lmao :sunglasses: not gonna use then though lol. I’d rather convert for more space and get uotra rare crystal.

@CuzegSpiked ah! now i understand :smiley:

Your welcome :smile: :laughing:

Hey im happy i got one. But useless

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Awesome find. I keep getting ragnaroks like crazy do I might eventually find one. The challenge to find every possibile combinations is extremely hard but possible. It is possible to have eternal druidic ring with either crystal hp regen or crystal mp regen so two collections of the same thing but with different crystal affixes.

Everyone’s got these pictures of lvl 100 stuff I feel like crap with my

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