First nadrojis



And now the waiting game for the ring begins.

Close enough lmao


Lol took ages

Lol dont mind the way my pics are im new to posting to forums lmao.

Good job I don’t bother looking for them now (unless I want to somehow build a new farm set but I alreay done that) because I can easily get elixir now. 2.1 ftw ayy lmao . Also eternal ascension ftw.

Still if I get one out of not even trying, I will keep a few. I got a bit more nadroji amulet and ring than I need.

Congrats on your nadroji lol! :smile_cat:

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My only nadrojis are 2 robes one for my wiz and one for my rouge, my main char but it doesnt fit my build with immortal flintlock:/

How do you get elixirs easily?I went through hell just to get one :unamused:

congrats :wink:

Get a farming build (with hirling) with 650% gold find and luck on both characters. In mythic 3 that means 1 crystal gold find on both characters, 1 greed nature on both characters and the fortune 20 on both characters for 650% gold find. Same thing with luck as what u do with gold for more space and efficient farming.

The most important basic thing in farming is item drops though. If you get fortune 20 on both characters, that’s a free 100% item drops in total. The maximum item drops is 200% but with hirling a its 300% because of the hidden 100%.

That would be maxed 200% item drops +100% hidden item drops.

Either you get 3 legend item drops on both characters (expensive) or just use fortune mythstone on both characters until it reaches 300% item drops on adventure page.

For the mythstones, I just used the mythical hat anyways because it increases crystal rarity. Ascensions also help because accomplished makes achievements (feats) easier to complete, fortunate for gold, dealer for more gold and more. Mythical applies to every mythstone feat as well as the shop mythstones and finding mythstones.

How I found lots of high rarity mythstones was go to floor 500 (of any difficulty) and just farm there with mythical and item drops. Legend maps ofc help a lot too because they can increase mythstone rarity.

So far I got 1 elixir , 4 zeniths, 8 masters, 16 times,21 returns, 35 fortunes, 47 quests and then mythstones before quest I got 100s and for some I got 1500 wisdom and clarity. I feel like I never gonna run out of mythstone lol because I farm them easily now. Gold being easy makes everything easier too.

If your low on high rarity mythstones, do try to complete the convert mythstone feat as many times as possible and if possible, try to reach floor 500 on very easy mode and farm farm farm.

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Would this work without a hireling?

So, today, I got first Nadroji, after countless hours of farming it… Then, I was thinking of how nice it would be to get one more, to craft into Hunter ring - and keep the other for pvp. I killed two epics, and then got two legend rings. How cool wouldnt it be if they were both nadrojis?

Guess what, they were haha!! 2 nadroji Stones at thr same normal Floor (181 myth3). So, i ended up with one nadroji for my wiz, and one nadroju hunter ring :smiley: best raid ever

Yes but hirling just increase benefit by huge amount because item drops are 100% extra added to your on gear item drops. Just go on very easy and farm ur way up to 500 and get ultra rare crystal/mythstone easier. Wince crystal rarity rises after 100 floors (500 is the maximum rarity increase), u can expect to get more high rarity crystal drops

Ok,thx for the help❤

Hehe your welcome :blush:

they make them in eternals too

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Found literally 5 floors apart :smiley:!!

What do I do with these beauties?!


Bruh I have a nadrojis robe 2.0 eternal version WITHOUT a bonus, one u will never get. Also I have at least 1 eternal nadroji ring and an nadroji amulet eternal.

Oh and I also found an eternal frozen fate yesterday just by farming, rngeeus ftw.

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The Frozen Fate is only ever useful if you use OH skills or some kind of a trigger build (for which it’ll be awesome)… The weapon damage is hideous :joy:

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