* Five Season Twista * [Wizard Build PVE featuring the "Hunger Set"]

  • Five Season Twista * [Wizard Build PVE featuring the “Hunger Set”]

Hi there guys, how you doing?
Xepheruz here from the AllStar Group :sunglasses:
This will be my first time to post my build creation and I hope you like it :grin:
Firstly why I name the build as “Five Season Twista”?
Well its just that im using twister skill with all the elements thrown altogether less than a second at enemies…LOL

~Play Style ~
Offense is the best Defense
Cast or place the twister to the path where the hero will run and just be inside the twister range anytime and watch out for loots.
I always played challenge maps with 130% - 150% pack size + TNT props + skyfall + 2bolts so i can’t help myself to dodge/evade the enemies projectiles literally even on + pack size maps only and because its a real glasscannon build

(Note: not applicable for newbie ,I’ve played this addicting game more than 4 months now and I’ve spend alot of time and efforts to hunt and craft)

Set Affix: 

Mythic Affix:

Crystal Affix:
Crit Chance
Crit Damage
Deadly Strike 
Crushing Blow

Legends Affix:
100% Glasscannon
50% Push the Limit
50% Barbarian
x3 15% Move Speed 
x4 100% Element Damage
x2 Multi-Attack 
100% Element Crit - (optional)

Epic Affix:
+10 Empower
+10 Twister (Optional)
+4 Extra Attacks (Zenith Mythstone)

~Hero Points~
20 Dex
20 Int
20 Luck 
20 Twister

Amplify or Insight

~Screen Shots ~

Damage with arcane debuff + adventurer buff

Damage with arcane debuff + adventurer buff + Power Shrine

Max Damage output is up to 30B

(Will upload soon due upload errors)

~ Q&A Portion ~

Why Hunger Gauntlet?

  • Its just catch my attention on the description…LOL
  • I just lucky that I’ve looted an ethernal version that has perfect affix of 50% mirror casting legend affix which is great for more spamming and + 37% attack speed and reduce CD for less than 75% MP pool which greatly helps the spell damage to boost on each throw and its applicable to any other spells

Why Discordance Mythic skill?

  • Funny to say that i just recently found out the magic effect of this one :smile:
  • This will be the core of the build since you can spam the skills and can boost the damage by adding x2 Multi-Attacks + 4 Extra Attacks(Zenith Mythstone)

Why Desperation Mythic Skill?

  • Unlimited Mana just like the song " Forever and Always " by Bullet For My Valentine which one of my favorite band :smirk:

Why Arcanist + Ascendent set combo?

  • I just like the skills to be colorful :laughing:
  • Honestly arcane debuff is awsome and critical effects of each elements are cool but i hate the poison cloud one because I cannot determine if its mine or from the enemies so I always die when I stepped on it… LOL :laughing:

Why Sanctuary over Empyrian?

  • Its the second line of defense for 1 HP hero…LOL

Can be this build viable to one stable element?

  • I believe all the element is viable on this build its just need to change the set affix to its natural flavor like the following theory craft examples:
    Inferno + bleed
    Frozen set
    Poison set
    Paralyze build
    And any other possibilities you just need to let your imagination to takeover .

These are the questions I can think off now but u can ask for more questions I’m m willing to answer it.

There are still rooms for improvements on this build and I’m willing to listen to your advises and suggestions since I build this through scratch/experiment and self test/experience only and you can always correct me if I’m wrong on something.

Happy Gaming.


Got cool dmg dude :slight_smile: … Nice build