Flagging System


I’ve just noticed that some banned users keep coming back to legit then disappear,
some legit player haven’t came back,
many hackers stay at legit league,
I just wanted to know why/how did they came back (the banned ones) and how come the legit ones cannot…
please tell me…
I just want to know. TIA for the response.


AU spotted and GOB member helping each other to recover their account hahaha :joy: . i hope devs can monitor newly registered account reach div1 in an instant :heart_eyes:. A piece of advice dear . just play fair and square . and dont cheat and youll be happy forever.


Yea. I’m in you dude!:joy: How about system auto ban the rooted phone users?:wink: I think its a big help to that.


I think that is the system problem is in dq?


Exactly!!!:clap::clap::clap: great point @auzlef011
Arena is s great place of creating friendly competition.but legit being banned and cant comeback to normal game yet the cheaters as if nothing happen coz they do not even earned it the hardway. and can create one if they want to as if they monopolize the game system would be so frustating resulting to lots of legits for quitting.it would be nice if the rules of flagging will be transparent for all to know whats the do’s and doesn’t of the game.i dnt think that the ul/dl should be a legal basis of fllagging(though its still in devs decision)and if they do.,they why not removing the ul/dl system at all?


@ZARAKI what do you mean about helping each other? I just asked these few questions for some clarifications. Please don’t insert or make some issue here. I’m just asking how come cheaters keep coming back then legit ones cannot. What I want to ask is “Is there something wrong with the flagging system ?”
Hope you understand.


Ok i understand sorry mr . AU :kissing_heart:


It is really funny to see players asking on how players get banned…you will know right away if you played the game fair and square. The reason on how legit players cant come back at the league and players that were able to play normally despite of their banned account is very simple. :slight_smile:


There will always be issue with removing players who use hacking tools/operations with out game. We do not require an “always on server” solution for our game. If we did that, you would not be able to even play the single player game without constant connection to our servers.


I remember the old days on diablos 2 with hacked occulus rings. 3 all skills. Insane faster cast. I still killed them


Lol.,ive play fair and square ever since until now. but im not happy in my account status.,WALANG GANUN.,NASAAN ANG HUSTISYA???:joy::joy::joy:
would you tell me now how @ZARAKI


I dont know?and i dont know you . if you are cheater or not.only you can answer your question :smirk:. And if not just report your account to them dm tdaniel or email them . and if they caugh you doing hacking or cheating . u r in the place now and be happy with your cheatmate now .or create new account


Nako pag nalaman mo ang sagot edi buhay na buhay na naman mga cheater :joy:
I know you know the answer to the living cheaters


Battle Arena is the online part of DQ. there are a few posts on which Crystals and Myth Stones can be used to modify Eternal Items and Pets. one of the hardest Crystals modifications to figure out is Jasper, since that changes an items Class to another Class, and that can be confusing to someone who doesn’t think to check other classes to see if that item was switched that way. if you see a modified Eternal Item or Pet that wasn’t modified from the list of Crystals or Myth Stones that can be used, then you have found a cheat/hack Item or Pet. I don’t know much about how the Dev’s seeing behind the code to find a cheat or legit player works, but I am sure it has something to do with seeing if they used the proper Crystals or an improper cheat.
here is a list I made of legit modifications for Eternal Items in the Arena:

I hope this can help players understand what items other players have in the Arena.


I love jasper conversion :grinning: