Flintlock Farm build

Hello guys! It’s been a long period that I’ve inactive in this forum due to an internet connection error. In this period, I’ve craft my farm build prototype that it seems to be effective. I would like to share my build if want to have a basis if want something to improve on it but for me this build is highly effective for farming.

There’s a lot of idea coming out of my mind, especially on choosing the best Cyan affix on my Head gear that I stuck between Crit DMG and Luck.

The technique on this build as I play it is just spam Ricochet, as well as the taunt skill for quick kills. Transportation is not problem because it blinks normally but spam Ricochet in the distance if you feel threatened.

Can’t send a vid for now for an internet connection problem, but once I send it you have a guide on what skills do I spammed.

Insert: this build still works from floor 5k and up but the easy part of it is at floor 4k below. Sorry for my bad English again and happy crafting hehe :muscle: