Floor 100-200

Hey I’m currently on floor 108 and I was wondering if there’s any reason NOT to put down enemy pwr and rush to 200?i assume better gear drop up there. I have 150k dps although I’m told my weapon doesn’t t add dps properly (5 epic aff)

If you want rush until Floor 200, set your EP to 0 and breeze through these floors. Sure, you won’t get that much rare loot, but I would recommend you doing this and when you have reached Floor 200 you can relax and farm every Floor on the EP you want.

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It’s part of the game to do the floors! :stuck_out_tongue:

I did 200 floors with Warrior/wizard at the same time, so when Rogue came out, I had to redo the 200 floors, that was a pain :laughing: