Floor 200 lops back to the boss

got to floor 200, level 94 wizard. I played the boss beat it and it then puts me back to floor 200. I am playing it on afire tv. However, itried it on a nexus 4 phone with the same results.

any help would pe appreciated

Need to find a Cartagropher or buy a random map and then defeat that Cartagropher to get a floor 201 and so forth

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Thanks for that I think. Hoever I now havw a different problem that i will start anew topic.

regarding carto maps, we know that they are ep locked but are the other affixes are also locked, like luck and item drops? because if its not i’d like to run carto map with my 80% item drop item build… thanks…

What do you mean exactly by ep locked? Floor 1000 is just as hard with an ep1 map as it would be with an en ep8 map?

what i mean is if we bought a random map on a floor on ep8, the map will be ep8 right, and if we are playing ep8 a carto drop map will be ep8. And once we got the map eventhough we decrease our ep to 4, entering the carto map will be ep8. got it?
now my question, are the affixes like luck and item drop on a random or dropped map will increase or somewhat change if i gear up on item drops and luck… :question:

Map bonuses are random and do not count towards your characters item% and luck % caps of 650, just consider a map quality like this

If the item dropped from carto was suppose to be blue, you get a normal white map

If the drop was suppose to be yellow, you get a blue map.

If the drop was suppose to be orange, you get a yellow map

And if the drop was suppose to be legend, you receive an epic orange map

However… with this being said, I received a normal map from an ep8 carto from an epic orange map… I had 1400% luck just from the map, with 400% average from characters… so yea, rng is rng unfortunately…

I believe how map drops from cartographers work, are something like this

After killing a cartographer a dice is rolled:

Dependent on your item drop % times max number of drops a carto can drop… For example.

Max drop let’s say is 5… you have 60% item drop… so you have a 1 to 160% chance of getting 60% more items.

Die rolls a 5 first roll
Second die rolled a 140
You receive 40% more of 5 items which is 2 additional items
You recieve 7 items total, another dice is rolled between 1 and 500, 7 different times. 1-99 being normal map, 400-499 being an epic map… and 500 being A SECOND MAP! If failing to roll a 500 first roll, it reverts back to items roll instead of a map roll. Yes that’s right, you can receive multiple maps from one cartographer.

Have yet to find more than two maps from one cartographer, not sure but seems it would be a 1 in 250000 chance. But I’m pretty sure what I’ve just postulated is only theory. :smile:

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ok Shrowder thanks… :wink:

Yep anytime… that’s just what I’ve seemed to observe.

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