Floor Difficulty

what should i pick? since i started playing this as free to play(F2p), i do mythic 3 from floor 1 to floor 40+. did i do right or should i go lower difficulty first? or what’s the difference if i do low difficulty first before doing mythic … im wizard skullshield type lvl 48 with legends items (not that good item)

When starting out I suggest you pick lower difficulty

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Lower difficulties go much faster, do those with a farming build.

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Very Easy is the easiest. all Difficulty levels above this increase the Monsters Health and Damage, and Experience you get from killing monsters. you also get a boost to Luck & Gold Find.

when you chose a Difficulty Level, it will show you how much harder each level is with how much a monsters Health & Damage is boosted from Very Easy stats, how much more Experience you get compared to Very Easy, and of course, better Luck & Gold Find.

you could go to easier Difficulty levels for awhile or just go to lower floors for awhile on the same Difficulty Level until you level up and/or get better gear for higher floors.