Floor grinding

I was browsing through dq forums and I stumbled upon people saying you should push to floor 100 and start grinding for loot. Out of curiosity I started doing that and I’m at floor 73 using a 38 wizard. What floors should I grind to for good legends?

Definitely nadroji rings and necklaces start dropping past then but you should definitely prioritize reaching floor 500+ for better crystals :smile:

You got a fast way to get to floors 500+? Lol

Dedication :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’ve been just running through purchasing maps and setting my difficulty to very easy is that the best way??

Yup! :smile:

Great but the maps are slowly getting costly, when will I reach the point where I get millions haha I see everyone with a billion or millions without hacking @Griffin012

And what are Nadroji rings and necklaces? @Griffin012

Like the map reveals? Because whenever you kill a cartographer it should drop a new one if the next floor

Yeah where you buy it and it shows you the portal to the next map. Not the cartographer that’s just a challenge map @Griffin012

Are you killing all of the enemies on every floor? Because those should give you way more then enough too infinitely buy map reveals

What do you mean killing everything on the floors. I doubt that infinitely gives me map reveals showing where the portals are @Griffin012

If you are killing every enemy and picking up all the loot and selling it it will easily pay for all of the map reveals you could ever want +some also map reveal costs do cap if I remember

Ahh yeah I’ve bought a map and killed a few running to the portal and getting my gold back for it I’m at about 500k but the maps are almost at 2k I think @Griffin012

Lol yeah you’ll be fine the maps never get too expensive and gold only gets easier and easier too get don’t worry you’ll be fine :+1:

@Arcynical dont worry bout gold once youll ascend and just in case u choose dealer perk first or on 2nd ascend earning 5m+ gold will be just a piece of cake … about dmg ya it is posibble to deal million, billions and even trillions of dmg without hacking/cheating it all depends on your build … the higher the floor the higher the dmg u can do using some affixes. if u want to hurry up hike floor just go diretly to cartographer(boss) no ned to kill allmobs in map … as for hunting legend items as Grffin012 said nadjori really helps finding rare legends also fortune mythstone (inc droprate) and luck affixes will help you get better drops (some perks after you ascend will also help greatly)