Floors above 200, drops deteriorate alot

What I mean by that is that above floor 200, I get some less enemies , less gold , less legends and less crystals. Just less overall drops. Even with 350% item drops , Mac luck 1012% , epiphany(5), fortunate perk

It can sometimes feel discouraging to be farming at floor 500 knowing this or any floor for that matter.

I heard it was some bug with item drops sometime ago but maybe its kept to keep the challenge as I can imagine it would feel too easy for higher rarity crystals with the tier rarity increased crystals. I mean it doesn’t have to be as good as floor 101-200 item drops but maybe buff the item drops at higher floors to reward farming just a little better. Although I know dust has made things easier but it can be nice. Well although thanks to dust, I don’t have to farm for a specific item for a week , only to farm it again due to crafting fail.

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also different … packsize. noticably different beyond f200 range. but yes. theres definitely something strange i cant explain, only speculate.

sweet spot of distribution really is 101 to 200.

btw… unless fully intended, i think this is more buggy then supporty… haha

its all good. :slight_smile:

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