Is there particular floors to farm crystals, Legend Pets, Gold, mythstones, and Legend items?

Floor 200 for gold farm or packsize map 300-500 and floor 500 for crystal farm but if you can go for 1k floor much better all items drop in 1k floor.
Advisable farm floor is 500 above



Hanks. Currently farming floor 1031 :slight_smile:

Farm 170 to 300 M3. Low level Crystals
Farm 301 to 500+ M3. Mid Range Crystals dropping on every map.
Farm 2k+ M3. Jasper, Zircon, Garnet and also Ruby drop rate 2 out of 5 maps. :blush:


Although for me at floor 200, I get tons of eternals that make me earn so many ultra rare crystals that I don’t always find the need to simply hunt floor 500. Then again, I’m not the norm.

Also tons of legends found at floor 200 than above which means lots of dust and lots of ultra rare crystals from dust crafting eternals to convert. Also dust to craft anything in general. It’s always enough to try to fill your inventory after many tries .

I noticed that one also. Got tons of legend from that map. To think that i dun have farm items in that moment. Well i guess for now ill try to farm some legends that i want thats not yet unlocked in my codex. And also farming floor 400 above can get you an eternal pet. I got my first eternal pet and it sucks. Its an element boost arcane. With bleed chance.crit dmge,total ar,gold find and total hp affixes

Only reason why I’d farm higher is the eternal pet feat and unlocking legends (although I unlocked all the legends). I will still go higher for unlocking some eternals as I’m collecting all I want and I do floor hike sometimes.

The crystal gains are good though if you need it and especially with legend maps.

Crstal gain is good on which floors? Higher floors?

In floor 500, the drop of crystals is +5 tiers so instead of calcite , you get 5 tiers above and that applies to every crystal. That means Jasper will be Obsidian drops and the chance of an obsidian drop is as high as a random Jasper crystal drop. Kyanite will be as common as calcite though which makes crystals dirt cheap for map rerolls . Also emeralds will be as common as the diamond crystal so very common and many crystals will just be overall common.

It’s how I managed to get 1000s of many crystals to convert so I could try to get 99 of each. The same for mythstones if you want high their mythstones easier such as Elixir. Elixir becomes as rare as fortune which means it’s a bargain and it makes building easier for a beginner. It’s how I never have to hunt mythstones anymore and many other players.

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Okay got it bro. Thanks alot. I will spam floor 500 for now. Since obsidian and other ultra rare xtals is much need esp for me as a newbie in the game.

Yeah it’s a great place for a newbie to farm. Enemies aren’t too hard and crystal gains are significant and that’s especially true with crushing flames or frozen builds even on mythic 3.

Yea. Im ripping their buttholes with my frozen crushing flame plague build on my rogue. Hahaha

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