For Sale some Cataclysms

Looted farming 300+…[emoji56]

Nice collection! Cant wait for trades to sell mines!

Can’t wait it to it… I’m gonna buy from you.[emoji1] especially Crystal items you’ll gonna sell.[emoji14]

im still on a long way to get at this level but im enjoying the journey…
gonna have my own collection of this treasures… :smiley:

Guys please help me. Im currently at floor 400 and hunting for a stone of nadroji but unfortunately havent found one yet. Where did you found yours? Is it droppable at my current floor? Thanks. :smile:

Yes you can loot one in any floor… I just looted a nadroji’s crystal at floor 100 normal map(not random/cartographer map) with my Wizard class…

I already had 2 nadroji crystals. Im having hard time finding the “ring”