Fortune skill goes over caps?

Im sure this topic has been beat to death but I just want to clarify. From what I understand if your luck , gold find and item drops % are all maxed ( before adding in fortune numbers ) then any bonus comming from fortune will go over the cap ?
So say character has 300% luck and Gold find. Mystic 3 map adds 350% extra putting you at the cap on those at 650%. Character also has 200% item drops %. so then if I were to take fortune to level 40 which states + 105% to all three . Then I should be at 755% mf and gf and 305% item drops ? ( yes i know it wont display as so in stats)

Fortune point is counted as your character luck and gold find. So anything that goes over the cap (luck affix, fortune points) will be a waste.

Can I get some more confirmations on this . Im reading through a couple of posts that fortune does go over cap. But no one is being absolutely clear on it …

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well damn . … and here I have been trying to boost up some fortune lol … :frowning:

So in short to make this simple . There is no way to go over cap in luck gold find or item drops . Except in map affix ie legend map ( not map bonus) and this only applies to the gold chest drops . I hope i finnaly understand it …

that’s right as the devs stated. the algo is

  1. averaging (if using hireling)
  2. applying cap
  3. applying bonus

Map bonus applies to ending gold chest drop only. Map affix applies to whole map.

i understand there are sets/affixes that rely on gold find and luck, like faun and satyr to name a few. since it says the stat they specify on gear, would 650 luck/gold find on gear added with map bonus and fortune work?

well i always use those two sets to create huge HPs/MPs items reaching 20mil hp and mp thats why i’m curious as to if maxing it out on gear works with map bonus and fortune