Forum Transition

Forums are going through a large update to support a new major version of phpbb. This version will give us a lot of goodies seen here: but we’ll need a bit of time to get everything back up and running including:


Neat! Maybe I can change some user settings!

Dang! None of the preference stuff changed… only the color scheme.


The “jump to the first unread post” feature on tapatalk is not working :frowning:

Tapatalk test

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“People” section no longer available in Tapatalk menu either.

It’s certainly loading much faster and smoother than before.


When will the chat be initiated back Cuz I kinda miss that lol. And guess what I bougt the map reavel and I’m impressed that is the best purchase so far in the IAP store. Can’t wait for the new patch to come out with new vanities and new store so I can give back to the game what it has done to me keep up the good work guys and I finally got my luck changed found two nadaroji items a robe and a necklase. Also I love how u can buy a random ultra rare crystal even thought it’s expensive I save up to collect them lol.

Chat and Tap-a-talk should be mostly working again.

Chat is still in dev by the mod creator, so some stuff might not work ( like avatars ). At the top you will find a link for full page chat as well :smile:

Still need to figure out theme, but might not get to it till later.


Mhhhmmm… Shiny! :smiley:

I love the new forum, but it’s hard for me to tell which thread have unread posts :frowning:

Edit: Never mind, just found out a way to read all of my unread post. Awesome update! :smiley: