Forums game!

[i]I have a little forums game that we could play! :smiley: Here’s how you play: people will count up and if a moderator posts something you have to restart. Example:

Player 1: One
Player 2: Two
Moderator: Not today :sunglasses:
Player 3: One

Rules: You can’t post more than one time in a row. Also, you can’t skip numbers or fail to reset after a Mod comes.



And…locking this thread…j/k

But seriously, this should be locked.

So it’s game over :laughing:


And I don’t see why it should be locked, it’s just for if you are bored or on a road trip.

If you’re bored, play the game. The forums are for discusussions pertaining to the game, not making new ones.

Game Over! :smiley: