FPS drop


I want to send you 2 bugs :
BUG #1
I encounter a strange bug (not sure it is related to this version or was previously there)
I always use electric element, and i generally concentrate ennemies to then kill them quickly. This means there are about 50-75 ennemies on screen at max.
I also use many procs spells (storm, meteor, tornado)
There is no problem with electric element. all goes smooth.

I change it to fire element and then all goes wrong, my DPS drops to 1 (and sometimes 0.1) FPS when more than about 30 ennemies are on screen.
I don’t know if it’s related to this bug (or memory leak) but i got some “undead” ennemies that appears. That is to say, ennemies that get killed that did not disapear, that do not attack anymore, that follow me, and that are targetted by skullshield as they were real ennemies.

BUG #2
The damage given on the screen is incorrect.
imagine you have 2 gauntlets, one with 50% damage and onother with 150%
If you change your weapon and go to the weapon detail screen, you see same numbers (for example 160 M) for both.
If you wear then use your best weapon (using special skill) and go back to the weapon screen, you see 240 M. Which seems to be more correct.

Contact me if you want further details.

ps : btw, nice improvement to the imp, more quick and smooth :wink:

Hey! Thanks for the detailed bug report. :smile:
For the bug #1: Please contact the support. I am sure they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

About bug #2: Could you give a concret example please? The popup window is not really a reliable mesure for DMG, since it’s inaccurate.

For bug #2
after further experiment, i notice that if you change your weapon you have wrong number but if you do “resume” then go back to stats you have more real stats (that actually dynamically changes ie, got defiant and if i loose HP my damage increases a bit)
But this behaviour is not for all weapons, i got another one whoses stats don’t change like i explained above.


just go to stats

after tapping resume then go again on stats.

When i encounter a bug, do i must send it there or always via support@shinyboxgames.com ?


That could be because of the affixes on the weapon.

Make sure to check the detailed item description from your inventory screen for more info on everything the weapon does.

When on your inventory page, press on your equipped weapon (it will appear with some detail in the box above the equipped weapon slot).

You can now press on the large box (the one providing some weapon detail) to get a much more detailed weapon information page (screen shot attached)

About bug#2. It’s funny but when I turned all options maxed out the game runs smootly, then turned low FX, dissabled DMG numbers and screen tearing.

Also “The Walking Dead” is still present in the game if you kill too many monsters at one time with fps drop, like whole screen of mobs (~100 mobs) taunted and killed in the same moment with poison cloud game thinks fire a sec or two and then you have several zombies :smiley: sometimes they just follow and sometimes they occasionally still hit you. I can get a video or screenshot of this if needed.

We know of this bug. We just have not found the source of it. Thank you for your assistance.

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I say fps drop is common
the solution: turn off minimap !!! but really just try it .