FPS drops

Hi I recently got an Asus Zenfone 2 ze551ml(4gb. RAM ver.). I notice a lot of fps drops while playing this game. I searched and tried different methods to try and fix the problem but to no avail. I though this phone could easily run the game. Could it be because of the intel processor? Or something else. Things I have tried already:

  • Factory reset
  • install/uninstall game
  • enable developer options(force GPU rendering)
  • CM gamebooster/ other gameboosters
  • low settings in game( no dmg num, hide enemy bars etc.)
  • play on airplane mode/ turn off cell data
  • disabled all bloatware that can be disabled
  • update everything both in phone and playstore

despite everything I still get fps drops. Would rooting my phone have settings that could improve it ( though i really dont want to do it cause i’m not experienced enough for rooting).

Is the games fps clocked at a certain rate? Have’nt tried to use gamebench to measure the fps though playing wise I would assume it drops to around 10fps.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you guys

try closing all your apps and check if you have apps running in the background that eats up a lot of memory or vram.

Hi yeah I always do that before playing. Was able to use gamebench to record statistics first 5secs is at 58-60fps then goes to an average of 20-30 with some 10 drops

I also had to change my build of torrent procs to help minimize fps drops

Are you playing on maps with Pack Size?

Well I don’t really reroll map mods so from time to time I do get pack size maps though it drops on all maps. The is on 60fps at your side or is it clocked somewhere?

Have you tried swift gamer which is a game booster I use. I think it is just as good or probably even better than CM gamebooster.

As for the fps drop, I understand your pain. Luckily I run easily on both my Samsung galaxy tab 3 and s3 mini phone but obviously my tablet runs better.

I have noticed times when I made the fps so low that it takes ages to render when it normally is easy to render.
It happened when I clicked main menu for some reason or use a fortune bringer with taunt and stun and lot of elements. Also packsize. Flight mode does speed it up extremely fast though and worth a try. Also your way works well. I never tried forced gpu rendering so I might try it.

On the plus side, I have seen much laggier games in life than this game and I have to say, this game has really good performance on many devices and compatible with many too. The occasional lag will happen though and sometimes you or me have no way of avoiding that unprecedented lag.

Not sure much how to help you apart from what I already know. I ran into this problem far too many times. Sometimes my uploading and downloading data is extremely slow or not work at all even with a good internet and a decent fps but I guess that might just be the dq server at times as well. Still I get a major fps drop when uploading/downloading sometimes and any tips to make this occur less often.

Yeah I have tried swift gamer apart from CM booster it did work well before but eventually went back. Though I now play solo without hireling and getting somewhere around 30-40 which is slightly better still getting occasional 10’s though. Anyway I’ll try to wait for the update to marshmallow and see if anything changes on my end.

DwrD what load out (equipment set up) are you using? Are you proc’ing a specific effect multiple times?

As of now I only got blight and toxic on a battle mage set up. No other skill procs exect for taunt