Free boost crashes iOS

I am not sure if I am simply missing something, I did look and search but didn’t find my exact issue.

I play on iOS on iPhone X and have discovered a frequent and utterly repeatable crash scenario.

Nearly every time I use a free boost (90+%), within a map or two the game freezes and I’m forced to close it and restart. It doesn’t seem to matter which boost it is, and it doesn’t matter if I’m attacking mobs or just on a loading screen.

I’ve tested by using one on level 1 and it crashes there as well.

If you could please advise how to fix the issue, or resolve it in a patch, I’d be most grateful, and I’d love to help generate revenue for you by using them more.

Hi! You are watching a video, you get a boost, then the game crashes?

That is correct. I just noticed that if I get a boost from collecting orbs, it doesn’t seem to crash.

The problem seems to be something related to the watched video for boosts.

Well, I did find an issue on my end but it is the opposite of your problem. I cannot get the video ads to play at all on my device (XS Max).

Will report back if I can reproduce.

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Got exactly the same issue.
Using iPhone 8 with iOS 12.1.2 (got this issue on earlier versions aswell)

Anyone found a solution for this?