"Free" carachter slot

I understand that 1$ from extra slot help devs, but I think we should be able to get a 2nd slot for free if:
-We have only one carachter
-This carachter is lv 99 eternal (6 perks)
-Heroic level = 99
-We have completed codex
It’s because game could be boring after so much time and have hirling playing could make game intresting again

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I know what you mean. I am a hard core f2p person, and yet I find that I like this game enough that I have spent around $20.00, and am thinking of purchasing the Demonic Wings to go with my Rogue’s Christmas Vanity. yay G00gle Pl@y St0re! now I just need to fight Arena a little more to get the Demonic Aura.

I feel like my hard core f2p persona is losing cred to my 'I :heart: DQ!"

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You only really need to buy 2 more characters really. One of each class. Dirt cheap too.

I said that because I read that making the setup for in-app purchase was complicated. Watching tons of ads isn’t a problem for me (excluding if it’s 1000 ads in a row):smile:


Yes and watching ads means boosts :grinning:

I thought watching ads that only give you extra slot, but boost is good :grin:

No you have to buy extra slots but they perhaps less than a dollar each. Watching adds get you five minutes of very expensive boosts. If you get a monster boost you get enslaved and cartographer on every map for 5 minutes :sunglasses:

I know but:
1 ad = 5 min
1$ = 60 min
12 ads = 1$ :100:
So, we should can watch 12 ads to get a slot :grin:

You don’t even watch the add . Usually lasts 30 seconds. Go and make a cup of tea.

Yeah just don’t watch the adds. Anything that is advertised is really crap. Go do anything else for 30 seconds .

Devs don’t care of that

I wish that ad math was correct :wink:

The initial idea behind the boost ads was in a response to players asking for ways to get the boosts some other way than paying $$$.

Initially we started out by giving boosts via our message system but found that as our player base grew we had to send more and more messages each time we sent out those messages and players that didn’t have a dq account set up would never get those messages.

So with the video ad system in place every player has a chance to get the boosts and it helps support us as well, which we thought would be a win/win situation.


I don’t really mind the adverts. Like with TV advertising. I switch off

Also, orb feat reward is really low.

a good farm build with +200% or more Item Drop can speed up the Orb Feat, so that you get the reward more often, but that is about it.

I hope that 2nd slot is free, then the 3rd slot should buy…

got the Demonic Wings a few days ago, and my Rogue with Christmas Vanity and Demonic Wings looks pretty cool! also has Angelic Glow & Christmas Shoulder. now I just need the Demonic Aura. guess it is time to fight in the Arena again.

my Warrior with Halloween-Jack Vanity looks cool with the Demonic Wings too!

Wizard has Halloween-Eye Vanity, and it depends on which Robes he is wearing when I choose Angel or Demonic Wings.