Free random boost?

Does this work automatically? I completed 3 of this but did not activated.

It’s always working. Once you completed the feat, It will always show the activated boost on your loading screen.

No, nothing appears :frowning: why is that

Working normal here. The boost have only 5min duration, so maybe u r spending so many time in the same map after get the boost, and when u go to the next it already ended.

LOL I didnt know. Thank you . hahaha
Yeah ive been spending too much time.

After u get the boost, select any floor, just to see which boost is it. If is a good one, pick an pack size map, legend map or eternal map and go for it.

cant handle pack size :frowning: When those epic mobs with thorns appeared I die.

Thorn don’t kill you, even if it take all ur HP, it never kills you. So just keep hitting and running. If u aren’t strong to hit kill, just pick something with crowd control, like gauntlet for wizz or that repulsion talent for rogue.

What is talent anyway?? I am new. I dont know a lot.

Affix r the itens bonus, and Talents r the Gear especific talent. You find it on the gear Armor value.