Freezing Wizard - questions

Hej folks!

I need some support with my build(first of all, big thanks to @Mr_Scooty who helped me so much!!!)…
Here´s the equipment - I know, there´s missing some affixes(that´s a point, why I ask too) :slight_smile

This wizard should run around and freeze all enemys, so that my hireling(roque) can kill them with frozen affix(not finished yet)…
So the goal with the wizard is, that he can stay alive, freeze all enemys and have farm stats as it´s maximum…

Any ideas how I can make this possible?
The best way would be, I cast the skulls and have only to run around without pushing other buttons g

Change all your items element into ice with calcite and I think you should have “elemental critical” legend affix or “freeze” epic affix on every item on your gear until you reach 100% or higher elemental critical(freeze)% on your stats im sure you can freeze every enemy… if you have some amethyst crystal change some of your item sets to “permafrost” or “frozen” for mana recovery and elemental damage

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Maybe there´s a list of legend affix and epic affixes etc?
And also for sets?
For mobile platform? I mostly read all the things regarding DQ on mobilephone and it´s quite hard to read it on browser^^

Btw… I have this one -> Wizardry (rank)% Element Critical chance 1 10

Count´s that too for freezing?


Edit: My biggest problem is, I don´t really know, what affixes to put on what piece of a equipment :slight_smile:
Or that doesn´t matter?!

if you have changed all your items to ice element… i think you should remove unwanted affixes and change it to element affixes

like these

these should help you in freezing

btw… you can put it into any equipment… and it would be better if all equipment have those affixes