Freked up items

OK when I updated to newest patch 1.714 or whatever. I had no problems till I tried to change my equipment. I change out my stuff based on the elements I’m fighting.
I’m looking at my items in my inventory and they are saying bad affixes in big white letters in certain spots. They were not bad affixes before update. Now this is where it gets weird. I’m wearing a poison necklace. In my inventory is 3 necklaces for the other elements. When I mouse over the bad affixes changed right before my eyes and copied my poison necklace I’m wearing. I now have 4 poison necklaces. This happens to any item I’m wearing. Mouse over chest armor in inventory it becomes what I’m wearing. Help I want my old items back.
I’ve tried logging off and coming back in. Bad items still there.

Edit: tried uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t work. Doing the exact same thing. Seeing bad affixs in big white letters on all my items then it changes items. Makes me mad I play offline and didnt upload in a week. Note to self upload more often. Anyway till this is fixed for me won’t be playing.

I see you moved this. Sorry thought it would be an items issue. Also I can’t seem to edit it anymore.

I had this problem on my tablet. But was missing my DQ fix so I tried on my phone again apparently it has nothing to do with what I’m playing on. The same problem is happening on my phone. Both are android. Any help here? I’m miss my fix. Or am I’m going to have to wait till next patch? I still don’t understand what happened to my items they were fine before last patch. Any eta on next patch? I know you don’t like giving etas and dont blame you for that. I just want to play.

I do hope you:

a. haven’t saved your bugged game on the DQ server, and youhave a good save online, and
b. you have a backup of 1.7.0 game somewhere.

I had this bug and had to install reinstall many times to find what is wrong. My solution - install 1.7.0, download data with good items. This is the important part - put items on stash, use items you can throw away iinstead.This is the only way to preserve items on a bugged char. Afterwards, update to latest. Hope it helps.

Also Ifoundnout that only legendary affixes are affected.

Thanks I’ll try and yes my save is before lastest patch. Trouble is I don’t have any garbage gear its all legends. Thanks again.

OK been playing again. Apparently after I swap my gear out nothing else bugs. So just what I’m wearing with this new patch is bugged. I’ve never seen another item with the bad affix. Even new legend items no bad affixs. As I’m still low level its not too hurtful to just sell those items. So rolling on enjoying my DQ fix again. BTW my hireling was never affected just the main. But each of my 3 mains were affected. Each one had to swap and sell bad items. Back to playing.

One other thing you can do, if you have multiple characters, is to use a different character, pick up items, and put them in STASH. Stash is shared between your characters (as is gold). OR, you could go into the store and use your gold to buy a random item for the ones that are messed up and outfit with those (to use the earlier suggestion).