From Epic to Mythic...with a Farming Build?


I decided to do a few battles in the Arena with my current Farm Build, as that is all I have. I am (was) in Epic League and started fighting. wow! I was smashing through my opponents! I was so surprised! so I decided to keep going, and ended up in Legend League. I kept going and next thing I knew, I was in Mythic League! :eyes: I decided, sure, why not? lets go for Eternal League! lol. didn’t happen. got as far as rank 80 or 60, don’t remember which, but I think I need to make a better Farming Build if I want to get into the Eternal side of the Arena.


lol… i made it to mythic league while using 100% glass cannon affixes and farming build too. easy.

but getting any higher… not so easy in farming gear.


I know, I felt like everyone was staring at my Toon in his Farming gear, and asking themselves ‘why isn’t the snack guy bringing any snacks?’


i used a basic frozen build it i reach eternal, i think maybe 1day frozen can dominate the arena


well, until I am ready to do some more tweaking, I am going to try and get my poor farmer into Eternal. sure are a lot of tough builds up here. but the fights sure are fun. eventually, I’ll have a proper PVP build, but that is after I make a decent climbing build.


I am back with a Mythic League update. well, as I have shared with you all, when I first got into Mythic League with my Farm Build, I was kind of surprised. at the time I was in Division 7. about every other day, I drop into the Arena to play with my Farm Wizard. you know how it is, win a few, lose a few. but I noticed that I kept going up into higher Divisions. fist Div. 6. then Div. 4 on the next 2 visits. today, I went into the Arena, and my Farm Wizard was in Div. 2! I wasn’t sure how this was happening, so I took Wiz down into the A.I. practice Arena, and he looked like he was doing ok, so I guess we can both be happy at the results so far. the only really big change was finding a Gladiator Trinket the other day in a chest, level 100. just to be sure, Division 7 is the low end of the League, and Division 1 is near the top?
I can’t help but wonder if in a week, I will be in Division 1! I have to say, if my Farm Wiz makes it into Eternal League, I think I’ll have to get a vanity for him.


I got to Mythic League in day one PvP with Reflect farming build (100% Glasscannon). Got to Eternal League later but the green guys r so hard to beat with that crappy build :V


when they reset the Arena for season 4, I was one of the first to get in the Arena. didn’t know what was happening, but went up to Mythic in 4 battles I think. a few days later, back down to magic. my current farm build is way better than what I had back then, but I am still going ‘I don’t know what is happening, but I’ll keep going, just in case I can sneak into Eternal’ lol.
went up against a few reflect builds, they are tough. don’t like damaging myself while trying to damage the other Toon.


well, today I got into the Eternal League after fighting many battles, and winning more than I lost. my Golems Third Farming Build somehow worked. I can’t wait to make a PVP focused build, instead of overworking my farm build. switching Twister to Storm helped a lot, but some of those campers need a little more work before I can teach them a lesson. :cry:


I think campers are the most hated opponents in the arena. Sorry for that :sweat_smile:


3 things only work against campers. Build tanky build high burst or build high range weapon with weaken…


campers, campers, campers…
just pull up in an RV… :laughing:


campers are like any other part of PVP, if you want to get gud, you figure out how to beat them. my problem is that I keep tweaking Golems Third Farming Build, which uses up a lot of crystals. I just decided to upgrade Momentum (5) to Momentum (6). it gives me an extra 15% damage, which can only help me smack down the monsters. just need the crystals to do it, again. :rolling_eyes: so many builds in my mind, so few crystals to make them a reality.


you should be swimming in crystals considering how long you been farming.

shoulda watched the zero to hero stream…1 week billionaire (crystals that is … screw gold). :slight_smile:




I am a slow farmer. I reduced my farming ability on Golems Third Farming Build, and I am beginning to regret it. I am thinking of building Golems Ultimate Farming Build from the ground up. it will take some time, but eventually, it will farm better than what I am farming now. so many decisions to make. :sweat: :confused:
on another note, I won 3 of 5 in the Arena yesterday, and went from Eternal Division 9 to 8. I wonder how far I can climb with my poor farming build? it keeps doing a decent job of fighting in the Arena, so I haven’t really felt a need to make a PVP build yet. :smirk: :sunglasses:


Yeah. I made mistakes like that before with farm builds also. Speed helps a lot. I remember my farm build + PvP build in 2v2 once get me no1 but that was before PvP became more harder IMO.