FrostArrows of Markswoman Rogue Archer Build {PVE} 2.5


No idea.



  • Replaced the Crafted OH Trap (Insolence) to OH Bomb for MS Bonus and faster clearing

  • Replaced Rage Set Affix on OH into Adventurer Set Affix

  • Replaced 1 of the Move Speed into 400% Explosive

  • Removed +2 Multi Attack on Head and replaced into Demonic Set Affix for better combo with Crushing Blow

  • Removed 50% Glasscannon on Ring and replaced back with +2 Multi Attack



How is it possible to get a set-affix together with a mythstone-word?
I don´t exactly get that


First you must complete the Mythic’s requirement based on what LegendEx written then after you complete, Apply it with Amethyst and your’re done.


Go to codex and go to mythics find a mythic skill you want to build then copy the needed mythstones. Usually u need 4 empty sockets(need 4 zircons) to apply.



you can restart your DQ apps if you didnt see what you want affix in obsidians… :slight_smile:


Doing this can erase your save data. We cannot help to restore this, so beware



This build is really cool - I do play my orb-wizard and looking for a real good hireling, that can help out to clear floors.
I guess, this is VERY EXPENSIVE so - any thoughts, with what I can start?
What legendarys was used here, before they become good through crystals and so on?



Masochist Edge Floor 500+
Apex of Epiphany Floor 700+
Aetherial Drain Floor 400+
Insolence Found on powerful enemies on Floor 200+
Nadroji Ring for +2 set number found on powerful enemies on Floor +200
Masochist Fetish Floor 500+

Goodluck on finding this and hoping you can finish your build.


Thanks sir!
With 3.0 it´s possible to craft the things :slight_smile:
So it won´t take too long I hope!


Yeah i hope so, Goodluck.


i made also this build. and finding this build is so powerful i made some adjustment to it. maraming salamat @__@ {thank you very much}.


This is pretty amazing build ive watched the video and saw 34+ M dps wow i gotta switch to frozen noww…


@fudgenever10 you have a PVP build for rogue bow? because I plan to build a bow rogue pvp build…


Soon i’ll create one. A Berserker on it :grin: