FrostArrows of Markswoman Rogue Archer Build {PVE} 2.5

This build can clear large pack size of Enemies/Mobs with Devastating Frost arrows with Different element explosions due to Effective Mythic.

As you can see these build can also turn the Frozen Explosive into different element into Enemy’s usual weakness because of Effective mythic. I called this build “FrostArrows of Markswoman” because its attacks are Ice element and a word “MARKSWOMAN” is She’s an Archer of course with heat-seaking devastating arrows that can instant clear Mobs and also it has a Semi-Perma Stealth Survivability.


Here are some couple of images on my Gears.


FROZEN(5) - Our main and primary set affix for clearing floors. Large Mobs, Large Explosions, Fast Clear.

PATHFINDER(5) - Can obtain 62.5 Reduce damage taken and increase Damage % on your Doge %.

RAGE(5) - Increases the CRIT DMG % of your CRIT Chance %.

ARCANIST(5) - Applies Arcane Debuff on enemies and increase total DMG it affects per enemy. More enemies, More DAMAGE.

MOMENTUM(5) - Oldschool build but still as powerful as long as you have Total of 50% Total Movespeed.

+EPIPHANY BONUS - Increases your total DMG when equipped atleast 70% Attack Speed. Perfect for Bows and Ricochets.

DEADLY ARTS(5) - 5% Resets cooldowns on Deadly strike, Pretty useful for Stealth lovers NEW META.

Hireling Set Affix:
ASCENDANT(5) - Of course we need this because of Arcanist. I put it on my warrior for Another Slot Set affix on rogue and no need to worry As long as your warrior have Wrath talent and Ascendent set. Just make your hireling move around and apply the Arcane Debuff.

MYTHIC Skills:

Skilled - Increases 50% DMG on primary attacks. A non-brainer mythic build.

Energy - Change the resource cost into Energy so MP wont be the problem anymore. Push the Limit can be pretty helpful More Energy Cost, More Energy Missing%, More DAMAGE.

Effective - Can turn your attacks into enemy’s usual weakness and the mythic skill that can change the element of the Frozen Explosion.

Sanctuary - Sanctuary of course the “Backup” of a 1HP Gamer. (Pretty Helpful.)


  • 225% Crit Damage

  • 45% Crit Chance

  • 90% Weaken

  • 30% Crushing Blow

  • 45% Attack Speed

  • 30% Dodge


  • 50% Glasscannon (2)

  • 100% Weapon Damage

  • 100% Frostbiting (2)

  • +2Multi Attack (2) or use Zenith (2)

  • +2 All Sets (2) or use Elixer (2)

  • 50% Push the Limit

  • 30% Elemental Critical

  • 100% Ice Damage (3)

  • 15% Move Speed (3)


  • 15% Attack Speed or use Haste

  • +2 Extra Attack Chance or use Zenith for +4 Extra Attack Chance

  • +5000 Weapon Damage

Eternal Legend Pet Epic Affix:

  • +20 Timewarp (No need)

  • +20 Barrier (No need)

  • +10000 Ice Damage

  • +500 MP on Hit (Must needed this affix due to PTL)

  • 20% Deadly Strike


Fletcher / Mutilate - Its on you, you can always switch any talents as long as you have a Lots of Citrine.

Relentless - Increases your DMG Dealt by 50% on enemy’s missing HP%.

Propulsion - You can choose this for 30% Knockback but since you have 30% Freeze, You can choose any talents you want.

Deadeye - Extra 20% Deadly strike pretty useful for our Deadly Arts.


Haste (6)


Haste (4) & Elements (2)


Power - 299 For more damage. Bow only have 100% MH Damage so we will choose this stat.


Once you go unto battle, make sure your AI Settings are all Settled and have Wrath Talent (20) with Ascendent Set Affix and be careful on map affixes ( I can do any Challenge maps like Skyfall and Nerfs)


Watch and Enjoy the video
Thank you and Goodluck :thumbsup:

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The only problem is how to find that huge amount of resourse.

Thanks for implementing my suggestions and others. Congratulations on the great build!

One more thing to test out: 400% Explosive for different element explosions but still getting those frozen Explosions? I discovered accidentally that explosive affix goes great with effective+frozen. @fudgenever10 , let me know how the explosive suggestion is? Obviously if you don’t like it , you can always switch back.
Ok you do have one less set on rogue but I guess you’re fine.

Obviously I commend you for creating a powerful build on your own too.

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It’s cool ! Ranged high DPs , COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ! GRATS ON YOUR FIRST PUBLIC BUILD :sunglasses: IM GOONA MAKE TOO (inmmydreams)

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Without @CuzegSpiked suggestions, this build will be incomplete. Very thanks to @CuzegSpiked.

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I’m planning to switch Explosive, Which one will I replace ?

What do you mean?

Add demonic :slight_smile: remove extra Glasscanon and extra MS. For Explosive x2 400%

For spikeed frozen-explosions damage .

+10 +10 skill(murder) dont forget. Btw nice build.

You only really need 1 400% explosive tbh. That’s what I used for the effect.

I just scared by that tons of red,my build still have many epic affixes :sweat_smile:

I wonder how much Crystals did you spent for that build :joy::joy:

I prepared 20 15 Obsidians, 20 Amethyst, 50 Rubies (Use Garnet to convert)
20 Zircons, 2 Aetherial Drain, 2 Insolence, 2 Hunger Bow, 2 Nadroji ring, 2 Masochist fetish and 2 Apex of epiphany. I prepared the items in 2 because when i apply obsidian on the other and my desired crystal affix did not show on the list, I am thankful that i prepared for 1 Hahahaha.

What affix shall i replace cuzeg ?

What affix will i replace ?

Idk. So op of legend afix . only u can figure out wc is beter afix coz its ur build u can switch anytym. Just my opinion to put +10-20 skil of the main skill uv alwys using :slight_smile:

True. The only reason why I have 2× 5+ all skills is to raise hero points of orb in rogue because you cannot raised hero points of other class skills in other ways apart from the All Skills affix.

On that Epiphany hat, I’d say replace 2 Multi Attack with a Set like Demonic or something for additional damage as that would help for frozen explosions and Demonic does have reduced healing which is great for crushing blows. Maybe even adventurer affix with momentum if you’d like.

When you do that, replace one of the 2 Glasscannon with that Multi Attack so you can still have 4 Multi Attack.

Also if you end up using Coat from Vial, you could replace elemental crit with something like 1× 400% Explosive.

Although if you keep trap , you can keep 30% elemental crit but remove just one of the 15% move speed (since you may use adventurer set affix or even angelic set). Although Angelic replacing pathfinder and Adventurer being a hat set affix is better imo.

Maybe even use Vault for the movement because vault has move speed bonus too along with your own move speed or even adventurer set affix. Can make map completion quick on solo or just generally good in hirling plays too. Just depends on how you play with them.

If so, replace one of the 3 15% move speed with 1× 400% Explosive if you want. The reason being is because of 20 Dexterity giving you 10% move speed anyways.

I know stealth does give you move speed too but it halves all damage.

Although sometimes you could remove momentum and end up having Demonic/Adventurer/Angelic and something to replace rage set then to save all the move speed slots and use them for 75% crit or MP or even explosive.

Many things possible to change but it’s an awesome build with or without changes. Tbh every build always has something that would eventually need changing over time. Even the greatest of builds.

Fletcher is great but maybe check out mutilate 20 and see how you do. Of course with those affix changes I mentioned as an idea (optional) although you don’t have to. Although the attack speed can make up for the lost bonus from Mutilate anyways if you don’t add it but it’s alright idea to increase multi and extra attack damage for overall damage increase.

Thanks @CuzegSpiked, i decided to change 1 of the MS with 400% Explosive and remove one of the Glasscannon to +2 Multi attack and for the trap. I think my trap will stay there and for the hat Set Affix, Just suggest 1 of these - Angelic, Demonic or Adventure.) maybe i could update this build within 2 days i think hahaha so we’ll wait.

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And btw im still waiting for the next patch cant wait, But when ? May Griffin decided to release it.