Can i get frostbite with roll?

Through Ruby crystal, you can find Frostbiting up to 100% on gear as legend affix (appears as Elemncrit in ruby selection). So yes.


So I wasted 1 page items with 4 sockets I quit

I’ve wasted lots of stuff. Why quit ? Just don’t make the same mistake twice

If I didn’t waste them I could make 1 mythic im depressed now :neutral_face: maybe I can change my mind so I liked running man build so much I probably will do it.

It’s fun. I’m a crazy build making master (not all are effective but a couple rock) .mess around with ideas. Pinch ideas from guides. Have a laugh

Y actually like it.Nevermind I I’ve just forgotten upload the game to cloud and uninstallrd so I gonna download it tw :sweat_smile:


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I read a lot of the forums, so I got a lot of help for when I play, but I still learn things the hard way while playing. I get a good idea, use some of the things I learned from the Forums, craft a build, wonder where I went wrong, learn from my mistakes, and craft a better build eventually. Hopefully. Maybe.
Elemental Crit Damage can be rolled with Ruby or found on items. it shows up as Frostbiting, Blistering, High Voltage, and whatever the Poison and Arcane versions are, and are based on the Element of the item.

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