Frozen (5) flames(6)

I search a Lot and dont find how to get Frozen (5) or that flames (6). I have only Frozen or Frozen(1). So how to get em Higher??

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.use accessories that have plus affix in it…
.for example Njadroji ring or amulet…


Like @xamall said, Nadroji will have it on a ring and amulet.

Also, Frightening Choker is a Rogue specific Haunting amulet that also has it.

They will say “+ 2 set numbers” for Legend items, and the Eternals will have +4.

If you have dust, they can be obtained in the Codex.


also, if you have a Socket or put a Socket on a Ring & Necklace, you could put an Elixor Myth Stone in them to get +4 All Sets to get Frozen (5). for the Crushing Flames (6) you would also need 2 Items with Crushing Flames Set with +4 All Sets to get (6).

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  1. Nadroji Ring & Amulet are found on any Difficulty Level on any Floor past 100 by killing Epic (Orange), Legend (Red), or Mythic (Purple) enemies.
  2. Frightening Choker is a Rogue Item found past Floor 200 on Legend Difficulty or higher. you need Jasper Crystal to switch it to Wizard or Warrior.
  3. high Luck (cap +650%) gives a little better chance for these to drop.
  4. selling Legend Items for Dust will let you buy them in the Codex LegendEx.
    a. selling Legend Items for Dust costs Gold (cap +650%).
  5. Elixor Myth Stones are Ultra Rare, so they are hard to find. you could convert lower Myth Stones to higher Myth Stones.
    a. high Luck makes these a very little easier to find, and if converting, you need lots of Gold.

Thank u so much. An other question now, what is better ? Crushing flames or Frozen ? Or is IT the best to mix them Up ?

I think it depends on the Build and play style. Crushing Flames with any good Build will do great. Crushing Flames with Frozen & Demonic with 1 Execute affix would be really good too.

I tried a Crushing Flames & Frozen Build, but it didn’t fit my play style, so I didn’t really like how it performed.

I think there are a few Builds out there that don’t use Crushing Flames but have Frozen that do well.

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