Frozen affix


Is there any trick to get frozen affix? I have spent 50 amethyst on skull and still no frozen affix…


Jasper skull to rogue…
Frozen is exclusive set for rogue…


Hah, now i get it. Maybe that is why i cannot get angelic on my gauntlet


there is so many frozen affixes in rouge, i think there a set of frozen in rouge. wizard has a few frozen affixes


Angelic is not exclusive set, you can get angelic or demonic for all characters…


Frozen is not affix frozen is set…
And you only can get it on rogue…


Here if you want to know…


I get it now, finally i will be able to get it, ty alot


Your welcome…


50 amethyst lol hahah i can almost relate to that…


Already have 5o amethyst but don’t know about exclusive set,…???


Try ignore resist affix so you dont have to use effictive mythic, weaken. Then use ascendant and arcanist + identity, either pathfinder or momentum(can be both)

Works well with frozen.

Also demonic, explosive affix and wrath


I had 20-15 and like 50 ruby, by saying 50 i meant that i do trick with download/upload


After everybody says upload/download is cheating, I’m stop doing it…


The feels when you spent 50 Amethyst I feel like dying… :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Hey guys, based on what I read in your comments, I tried this, Use Jasper on a Warrior chest turn to Rogue Chest then use Amethyst, get Frozen, then use Jasper again to turn it into Warrior chest. The Frozen affix will stay.


Just jasper a frozen rogue item to your own class


but what if there is a Legend affix on the chest that can’t be rolled with Ruby? or has a Block affix? on the other hand, your way would save a Jasper if he didn’t have these concerns.