Frozen or Permafrost for a Rogue

Are either the Frozen or Permafrost good at PvP or PvE? And which one is better to start farming for? I saw that some of the Frozen set have MP absorb which I think is something that the immortal builds like to use. However I realized that the Permafrost set affix also gives various MP absorb. So if I’m going to start using one of these sets in combination with a Cataclysm ring which one would be better (until I am able to get the whole Nadroji / Elixir set up)

You can use furry mhytic also it is good for anti MP. :parrot:


I still have not a clue what the fury mythic does.

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Fury is a Resource. if you don’t do anything, your Fury drops 5% a second. your Primary Skills pump up the Fury +30% per cast? and Special Skills cost 50% Fury to use. your Special Skills DMG is increased by your Fury’s %. so Special Skills do +50% to +100% DMG. (from Codex). Primary Skills pump up the Fury by +25% and Specials cost 40% Fury, lose 5% Fury every second. (from Patch 3.0 Notes). so pumping up Fury is a little harder to do and Special DMG is increased +40 to +100%, depending on how far you pump up the Fury, based on Patch 3.0 Notes.

Permafrost gives a DMG boost to Ice Weapons in addition to MP Absorb.

Frozen requires you to have some way to do Elemental Crit, and then you have kill the enemy that is frozen by Freeze before Freeze goes away, for Frozen to work. this works best in Pack Size Maps or in mobs of monsters.

MP Absorb reduces a % of DMG received and converts it to MP. this is before any other DMG reduction, even Armor & All Resist. doesn’t work with Blood Magic. not sure if it works with Mana Shield for Wizard, since the Shield isn’t the Wizard (haven’t tested this yet, or heard of anyone doing so). you need to get hit for MP Absorb to be useful, so on higher floors of Campaign Maps, it becomes less useful, but is good for lower floors of Campaign Maps and Battle Arena.