Frozen question

I have noticed that when you are using ice elements, the elemental critical will freeze the enemy. They encased in an iceblock for quite short time. But after they have been frozen once, it’ll never happen again no matter how long i attack them. Is this intentional?

So, if i use the Frozen Set Affix, they will no longer explode on death if i didn’t killed them when they were frozen?

And if i have Frosbiting Legendary Affix, i’ll have no bonus dmg attacking them afterward?


After you deal an elemental critical in a monster there is a certain period of time that this monster is immune for that elemental critical to avoid perma stun and perma freeze in enemy. It applies in all kind of elemental critical

Also 1 monster can be elementary crited (no idea if there is such word) only 5 times

Thanks, it is amazing you knew something that isn’t written anywhere in the game

How do you know the exact number? Is there any chance you are a mod or only casual player like me?

I am just a player I know because I have read topics on that also I have tested it myself

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The only way to discover such things is to test

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I’m just a casual player, it’s just happen that learning the secrets of this game through experiments is my hobby

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