FrozenFlower Review 1v1 BattleArena

Hey if anyone from Eternal league meet me ID:Cronoc_Rage. currently i set my wiz to def. its name FrozenFlower. just made that build and so if any of u encounter witj that build could u please help me with some feedback.

Thank in advance

Ok gimme a few minutes. :slight_smile:

okay prepare ur arrow i guess that wizard bring his gang. lol

I just finished it, I won with 3-2, should I post what happened?

if u have the screenshot i guess it will help. expecially the result page. i want to see the damagr i heal and prevent

Dang, I didn’t screenshot the results page, I will screenshot it next time I face it. Basically I went with the Buff-Shot approach, if I manage to hit him, I win with bleed. But if it misses or I didn’t time it correctly, he’s suddenly next to me with a lot of summons and I’m already dead, I didn’t even notice my Sanctuary, lol.

I’ll take a screenshot when I fight him next time, probably a few fights from now.

okay bud. i guess i should change that command to stealh muehehe. and maybe will need momentum and skilled for rapid damage buff.

@saintwave btw have u look at rating rank right now. 1st 2nd 3rd place use lohko build lol… epic build.

cronos ur build sucks jk

FrozenFlower removed, insert BlueOrb wizzard. if anypne encounter it. please help with some feedback

lmao did u insult me

lol not at all, in telling that frozenflower is out and put blueorb build.

Few min later after try that build. it suck. so i put back rogue dagger aphrodite. so i guess that reply not valid anymore. then i just remove. if that not right to u or fell unnecessary to remove. then i will cencel that.

anyways this feedback stuff is stupid (no offense to you or developers), we should be able to see how our AI did and not look for ppl who fought it in a forum. hopefully and update is coming

ita up to u, the feedback kind of stupid.? why u are here? lol. i mean in this thread.!

Hey cronos, i see you a lot in the forums and just want to ask if you could help me out a little with my rogue build. I got to eternal league but it seems to be pretty hard to win with my current build. Do you have anything we could talk on?

Easy win = Lohko (well that for me and some other player that use it IMO.) Not promo it lol. but if u just think on play vs AI then it work perfect since on defense as other player vs Lohko AI. it cant win.

Well i dont have the items and idk where to get them. And im really low on crystals

maybe dagger rogue build can help with that. i mean hit and run, stealh. with ninja set affix and some lil dodge it can help u counter some attack.