Frustating build is back.! and lucky first match

So much fun with the frustating build after a long time not using it. haha damage prevent 1million lol.

And after a long time not play arena, just today i remake frustating build and test it in arena, first win after comeback. eternal chest~ lol lucky.!!!

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Woah. That guy is in Common League with 1600 power and 50K HP?

hos hp is 50k. his power are low actually but the match dragged so the power increased for each round. this to prevent loops match.

Wow there is no way I could beat that! I already basically quit arena now and only do it for the chests for free legends as well as free crystals. I can’t win as much as I used to and I might as well start a fresh with new items if I can.

Congrats on the frustrating at full potential @cronos4321 . Let me know if anyonr easily destroy it because this should give u so many arena chests for life when you quit arena for ages. Well full potential for 2.1 but we never know what happen if there may be updates to further enchance it.