Frustating Moment PvP ridiculous Build

Nice bulid im very frustating lol… this my longest match

thanks for the picture. now i know it major problem and now i know what to do with that build… hehe

btw 84 page, u must be attack like crazy dont u.? lol

Haha, your rogue is even deadlier, can’t even stand a chance after she blinkstrike into my face, had to take her out before she do that :sweat_smile:.

Polidf is a cheater. He will get flagged soon.

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thw rogue? Aphrodite.? she just regular rogue with just some random affix in it. not fully complete tho. need badass cap to replace the eternal cap…

Good enough to take me out :smile:.

really? i dont know that. i make this thread to test the build i made. didt know that im sparring with cheater lol. anyway thanks atleast i know 1 warior build that actully reap my time will be gone soon~

Just some random question tho. are the match making system also consider player toon class and attack range (melee & ranged) coz when i use warrior, most of time i got warrior melee as my opponent. when i use lohko. it give most of time rogue bow or gun. and if i use Aphrodite it give most of time assasin.

Not good enough lol. i consider it being bad if away chest per day is 30-40 and be good if it give away win chest 50+ per day.

He got reported by another user via private message.

The matchmaking is random. I think, you are just lucky, that you get that many warrior as opponent. When I am using my warrior, I only meet copies of your bow build :smile:

lol i think u are rhe lucky 1. Lohko build weak against stealth and teleport kind thing.

Lol need drugs :expressionless:

get the hype. lol…

Them daggers are nasty. Everyone’s trying their best to copy cronoc assasin. Malunya here :slight_smile:

Sorry, first time going here. Redundant naming on my previous.

nahh i dont think they’re copying mine. i think for eternal dagger obsidian dagger is the best, that why they using it. imagine

10000 Weapon damage.
10000 HP
4 multi attack
+100% WD
empty socket.

i dont have that all perfect affix roll. but the affix given in eternal ver. is very nice.

The xp alone is worth it. I have an item like that i prefer not to use it. I wanna be creative in different build setup in rouge countering that eternal obsi dag build.

my Aphrodite will not use eternal obsidian dagger in latest update of that build. IF i got crystal affix that fit for the build. if obsidian pop some random/not needed affix. then i will need to use obsidian dagger for a while. until o get what i want lol. (the latest update also for lurking if ppl really copy that build lol)

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I’m guessing that would be deadly since you’re a brutal user

I remember when PvP went live and all I had was dagger and it got me to legend league.