Frustating Moment PvP ridiculous Build

Took 26 round to win the game lmao, the power up is crazy. Rapid increase from each round lol,

@VicBot the build is real now, still incomplete tho, the affix needed, obsidian T,T

Nice. I still need tons of crystals before I can start mines.

Just try Secure crystal affix by finding them with crystalline = no risk of lose. u will only need obsidian when u craft on nadroji thing since it imposible to have required crystal affix u need by drop. so it MUST use obsidian.

How much HP do your fortune bringer have?

300+HP/MP (Full Fortune Bringer set)
1M+ HP/MP ( Hybrid + Frustating build)


no prob.

sorry for posting this, but please consider this as an input for your build: :grin:

Did this in the 1st round.

I personally think your Aphrodite is way more dangerous than this one, no wonder now every rogue in top tier eternal league are using that one (hate it when I see those eternal obsidian dagger lol :joy: )

Yeah, those blinkstrike assassins come at you like KAPOW MOTHERFUCKER aaaaaaaand youre dead. You dont have any option for counterplay, unless you use bomb or smth and survive their first blinkstrike…

On another note, what item gives blind immune? On the wiki it says its from a drop, but what drop? (@Refia @cronos4321 @VicBot @saintwave @Emman)

Nadroji Crown.

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or, you can use stealth in your OH, as soon as the enemy blink and bleed dealt to you, press purge and stealth (it’ll remove DoT), then free to smack those blinker :joy:

if you can’t kill them during stealth duration, pray to RNG God might help :grin:

why hiding ur ID lol.

Aphrodite take the lead back.

It shud be named “annoying” rofl. You got 200k hp leech on me before i took u down lol

Hahaha or Dummy. for practice. lol

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Is the eternal dagger named Siwang?

nope. Eternal Obsidian Dagger

Your warrior’s name speaks it all, I hate it when he keeps on kissing me and teleporting away, hard to hit sometimes :angry:.

it still incomplete and have some unnecessary affix stacking in the build that i cant remove it. So the warrior is out. Aphrodite take the defense role… the rogue u dont have to worry she not act like hard to get… when she kiss, she will kiss until ur toon ask to stop. or dead maybe. lol