[FSQ] Frequently Spammed Questions (v2.0.0.7)

Basically, I kept seeing the same questions over and over and decided to compile most of the answers for them, if you don’t see a FSQ answered here, or some of the answers I provided were wrong, please feel free to reply/correct me. Hope this helps you even a tiny bit.
(Some Links are also provided within the answers.)

Disclaimer: Most, if not all the information are posted by other members already, this thread is more of a compilation or rather a sort of info-center for those people who does not want to search or do not know how to. Credits to the rightful owners of the threads/links.


Q1. Do we have a list/table of [insert specific form of list here]?
A1. Yes, we have a whole forum category called Wiki, where you can find most of the specific wiki pages entitled accordingly. Also, here’s a link of the DQ Wikia page if you want to access it directly: Dungeon Quest Wikia

For specific tables, here are the most useful ones: (For those too lazy to hit search)
Affixes - Contains all (I think) Affixes and their effects.
Mythics - Contains Mythic Affixes Descriptions and Mythstone Recipes.
Equipment - Contains Equipment Type List and a Jasper Conversion Table near the end.
Crystals - Contains Crystals and their Effects.
Pets - Contains Pet Types and a List of Legendary Pets.

Q2. I lost an Item/ Level/ Hireling/ Chests! What do I do?
A2. Well, you can read this post right here: Account Issues
Or if you’re too lazy to click that and read another page, simply email the issue to support@shinyboxgames.com with your account email and details on what you lost. Then just wait for their reply. Good luck.

Q3. Do we have guides for Campaign(PvE) / Arena (PvPai) or both?
A3. I’m not sure if these are the exact builds that you want, but we do have a Build Compilation consisting of quite a few guides. If you didn’t see it in this category, it can be located here: DQ Build Compendium
If the specific build you want isn’t there, it’s probable that we don’t have one yet, or the guide to it is outdated. Feel free to share your own guides!

Q4. I always get Failed Match ID in arena and/or my League jumps randomly! What do I do?
A4. First of all, check if you have the latest DQ version, right now it’s, if not you should update it. If you do have the latest version though, maybe it’s just about your connection, but sometimes Arena does bug out. What I do when this happens, I stop playing arena for a few hours, restart DQ and/or Wifi/Data and try again, your league will return to normal after a few matches, so don’t worry too much. If the problem won’t go away after a day, contact support: support@shinyboxgames.com

Q5. I think I fought a cheater, how do I know for sure? Where can I report them?
A5. Well, you can report them here, and it also contains the guidelines to know for sure if they are hacking: Report Cheaters and Hackers
Also, there’s a popular discussion thread right here, if you’re interested: Cheater/Hacker Discussion

Q6. Can we have a trading/ auction function?
A6. No. Well, at least not at the moment. Currently DQ has a problem with hackers and cheaters who can edit items, it would be bad if these illegal items would be distributed through a trading system. And besides, DQ is more of an offline game, so just enjoy the thrill of farming for your own builds!

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll add some more if I find some more FSQs around the forums, oh and feel free to add some questions and answers in the replies. Let’s help out newcomers together!



Well compiled @saintwave

Thanks a lot. I got bored farming. Lol.


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Same reason I’m always on the forums rag hammer and VS bow hate me

Already got 2 Ragmers atm, but still lack VSbow and Insolence. Those 2 hate me lol.


Oh I don’t have that offhand yet either

Youre welcome. Thank you for summing it up :slight_smile:
Could you add to Q4, that the player shall check weither they have the latest DQ version?

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Sure thing! Lemme just edit it a bit.


Hey @Refia could that Q4 be part of the issue if you have people playing differ version due to Android and Apple not releasing at the same time? Everyone know Apple take forever to release updates

Thanks @saintwave for this excellently put together post. I’m happy to have this here as a reference for all.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll try adding more next time. Just thinking of what more frequent questions to add.


Not really. It should be fixed with the latest patch.

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Great job! +1

I have a couple questions, what do I do with the legendary armor that I’m not using? Can I sell it? Am I supposed to save it for something special? Will I be able to carry 2 pets? What do I do with the pets I’m not using? Can I sell them also?

Sell everything!

Well except eternal and crystal gear. Convert those.
Legendary pets you should put in your stash for now. Never know when you’ll need them for future builds.