Fun farming buid


I’ve been using Arcanist+Ascendent+Weaken build for long time in my rogue as hireling killer, shotting dozens of bullets and I liked it a lot, looks like a disco in the map. But I recently screwed the build and would like to try other for a change instead of making the same again.
Which killing build you think is most fun, for a hireling?

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Try frozen set. Stop-and-pop those creeps like popcorn. Real fun.



@NUIQUE Frozen+Permafrost, right? I use it on a warrior with Sprint+Taunt, but is nowhere near optimized, uses just epic stats and the sets and it’s already fun, when you Taunt every skeleton just explodes, lol



My optimal pve build is crushing flames+inferno. I have reached +1200 floors with it and it can still go much much further. It was only fun during the start.

I thought you were for looking a fun build. Then frozen build is real funnnnn!

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I haven’t tried permafrost+frozen yet. I have used frozen on my glasscanon farmer. So good and fun, I would not have ditched it if it did not cause lags.



crushing flames+frozen build.



Farming builds are never fun .

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lol, that is because you haven’t made a Fun Farm Build yet!

when I make Farm Builds, I try to make it fun while at the same time making it an awesome Farmer & Monster Slayer. Farming can get boring & repetitive, so Fun is important. it’s the main reason I keep tweaking my farm builds so I can have fun and be amused while getting tons of loot.