Funny Build Mythic xD

This guy used all resource system the result only bloodmagic worked :slight_smile:




Funny right?:smiley:

I tried that also , I put all resource system mythics and I put set affixes like bloodmagic , spellsword battle mage , and scoundrel . The result was only bloodmagic and batllemage is the only that works haha :bluecluesparrot:

LOL :laughing:

Nothing wrong hir. Some players made also that way for just a testing reason .atleast hes not just copying ā€¦ ul never learn if u dont make mistakes . :innocent:


Cant agree more :smile:

Trial and error

is how I learnt a lot of this game. A lot of fun and frustration too.

Not 1st time meet,i take ss coz i meet this too many from last month and no change

Hi Iā€™m new so at wat level do u get that

Sorry,not quite uderstand :sweat_smile:
What can I help u ?

@First-Empire any level as long as you have a lot of mythstones and crystals