Funny PVP fight videos from the arena




Whoa!! Awsum! Thats the real immortal!:grin:




I do not record in-game videos… This is as good as you will get from me on my game play.


PvE… Maybe? :smirk:


@Mr_Scooty I love those video’s of your PVP & PVE escapades, I can’t stop smiling. I have seen your name up in the top 3 lately, so that just makes your PVP video that much more awesome! :crossed_swords: x Mr. Scooty = :head_bandage:



Yah… Now i know. The legend is “still” a legend!:slight_smile::ok_hand: btw the backround music scares me​:fearful:! Lol.


This is a work in progress. I’m trying to make the most stupid summon pvp build ever. All summons except command as procs. Virtually runs out of mana in 4 casts. When you see my items you will see why I call it stupid. Need a few more legend summon furie procs and it’s done

#33 basically skullshield and summons are procs. Video is on practice mode as it’s not yet complete. @Golem what do you think ?


well, I don’t want to wander into a Dark Arena and get mugged by your Proc Rogue. but nice video. when it Proc’s, trouble for your enemy, but if not, trouble for you, but looks really fun. looks like a good Proc Combination you have on your build.


54 to reclaim and recall via talent tree. 6x 9.?? Summon fury procs. 2 master stones. All mythic gear


nice lots of quality :ok_hand:videos :slight_smile: .


Thanks :blush: The wizard has 7 to summon, 6 to spiritmancer and 5 to sadism set affixes. It’s a chimera because it switches the shield for variety. Currently working on nova orbs, tomes, skull and eventually a bracer. Going to cost me a fortune gambling rubies to get summon procs and all spiritmancer talents. Lol

#38 This build is not recommended for farming as the video shows. It’s a challenge in pvp because you run around awaiting for your main skills to proc ( if they do :wink:). But it’s challenging. To make it work its all about number crunching ( which I don’t usually do ) I may have to do a one set summoner affix build but I will try it in stages by experimental use of amythests

#39 my latest arena exploits

#40 got my spiritmancer talents at 56. 8 to summon, 5 to spiritmancer and sadism sets. I could go all summon build but probably not worth it. Here’s the best I can do with the stupidmancer build


#42 not really a fan of mirror image in the arena. Can be very hard to play and disorientating. They mimic your attacks so keep them simple. Add a few procs and it’s a good one